March 2015

26 Mar 2015TreeSize Free V3.3.2 - An error occuring when displaying context menus has been fixed. 25 Mar 2015FileList V3.2 - Improved error management with exit codes and inclusion of symbolic links. 24 Mar 2015TreeSize Free V3.3.1 - Minor fixesand improvements have been incorporated. 23 Mar 2015UltraSearch V2.0.3 - Increased search performance. 12 Mar 2015ShellBrowser .Net v5.2.1 - Supports extended length paths (longer than 260 characters) 12 Mar 2015SpamAssassin in a Box V2.1.1 - Define your own folders for rules and bayes filter files folders. 05 Mar 2015ServerSentinel V3.2 - New actions, sensors and other improvements 02 Mar 2015SpaceObServer Web Access v. 1.1 - Reduced starting times, improved frontend usability, extended administrator backend and many other improvements 02 Mar 2015UltraSearch V2.0.2 - Added support for hard drives with a sector size of 4K.

February 2015

17 Feb 2015TreeSize Free 3.3 - New: touch-optimized user interface. 12 Feb 2015UltraSearch V2.0.1 - Minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated. 10 Feb 2015SmartPOP2Exchange V8.2.2 - Improved IMAP processing 02 Feb 2015SmartSerialMail V7.0.2: Import issues and problems when using SSL has been fixed. 02 Feb 2015SmartSerialMail Free V2.0.2: Some more minor issues have been fixed.

January 2015

20 Jan 2015SmartSerialMail V7.0.1: Issues in message encoding and sending have been fixed. 20 Jan 2015SmartSerialMail Free V2.0.1: Minor Issues have been fixed. 12 Jan 2015ShellBrowser .NET V5.2: ShellFilePreview is now loaded asynchronously and supports custom PreviewHandler implementations. 12 Jan 2015SmartPOP2Exchange V8.2 - Revised IMAP processing

December 2014

18 Dec 2014UltraSearch V2.0 - New search alorigthm for even faster results! 16 Dec 2014SmartSerialMail V7.0 - New user Interface, improved usability, and many new features 16 Dec 2014SmartSerialMail Free V2.0 - New user interface and many improvements

November 2014

11 Nov 2014Exchange Server Toolbox v5.1.1 - Improved spam scan behavior for big emails. 03 Nov 2014TreeSize Professional V6.1.1 - Some fixes and improvements

October 2014

27 Oct 2014TreeSize Free 3.2.1 released - Fixed an error occurring when scanning network and cloud drives, scan performance on slow HDDs improved. 15 Oct 2014TreeSize V6.1 - Improved snapshot comparison. 10 Oct 2014ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V9.2 - Full RAD Studio/Delphi XE7 support 01 Oct 2014TreeSize Free 3.2 released - TreeSize Free now supports network drive scans.

September 2014

29 Sep 2014Exchange Server Toolbox v5.1 - Export feature for email archive included. 02 Sep 2014TreeSize Free 3.1.1 released - Problems occuring during scans of NTFS drives have been fixed.

August 2014

27 Aug 2014SpaceObServer Web Access V1.0.1 with shorter loading times, error logging and some minor fixes has been released. 25 Aug 2014ServerSentinel V3.1 - New actions, sensors and other improvements 14 Aug 2014ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V9.1.3 - The system font can be automatically applied to the Breadcrumb control. 13 Aug 2014TreeSize Free 3.1 - TreeSize Free supports multiple file selections.

July 2014

22 Jul 2014ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V9.1.1 - Improved handling of custom columns in TJamShellList and TJamFileList. Corrected and enhanced support of multiple roots in TJamShellTree. 21 Jul 2014SpaceObServer V5.2.1 with some fixes and improvements has been released 16 Jul 2014SpaceObServer Web Access V1.0 has been released: Access SpaceObServer scans via your web browser. 10 Jul 2014FileList V3.1 - Facilitates simultaneous analysis of folders and files. New attribute filters offer more detailed exports.

June 2014

20 Jun 2014SpamAssassin in a Box V2.1: The SpamAssassin components have been updated, CPU load of the SpamD process was reduced. 17 Jun 2014ShellBrowser .NET V5.1: New component "ExplorerBrowser" available, Visual Studio 2013 is supported. 16 Jun 2014SpaceObServer V5.2 with new "send email" functionality, "cost" column, and various new features has been released. 06 Jun 2014SpamAssassin for Windows V3.4.0.30: Scan date issue fixed, "taint mode" disabled.

May 2014

14 May 2014ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V9.1 - RAD Studio/Delphi XE6 support; JamShellTree: easy activation of multiple roots including Favorites.

April 2014

24 Apr 2014JAM Software takes Virtual Treeview under its wing. 15 Apr 2014HeavyLoad V3.3.1 - Minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated. 04 Apr 2014SpamAssassin for Windows V3.4.0.28: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.0 has been integrated. 03 Apr 2014TreeSize Free 3.0.1 released: Minor problems with directory tree updates have been fixed.

March 2014

28 Mar 2014SpamAssassin in a Box V2.0: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.0-RC5 was integrated, XML-based configuration and new folder structures have been added. 20 Mar 2014Exchange Server Toolbox V5.0.1 - Full Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 support. 14 Mar 2014TreeSize Professional V6.0.3 was released with several minor fixes and improvements. 11 Mar 2014TreeSize Free V3.0 with new column mode and improved performance has been released

February 2014

28 Feb 2014Exchange Server Toolbox V5.0 - new SpamAssassin and new features for the rules engine. 12 Feb 2014ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V9.0.3 - JamShellBreadCrumbBar now supports the "Font" property. 06 Feb 2014SpamAssassin for Windows V3.4.0.26: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.0-RC5 has been integrated.

January 2014

27 Jan 2014SmartPOP2Exchange V8.1 - improved security and precise scheduling options.

December 2013

30 Dec 2013ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V9.0.2 - Improved support for PDF files in the JamFilePreview component. 16 Dec 2013TreeSize Professional V6.0.2: Fixed certificate error, Personal Edition can scan network drives again. 04 Dec 2013SmartPOP2Exchange V8.0.1 released with little fixes.

November 2013

26 Nov 2013FileList V3.0 allows much faster file system scans using the powerful technology of UltraSearch. Scans can be customized for a more detailed view with the new search options. 26 Nov 2013HeavyLoad V3.3 - The allocate memory test has been improved. Now also available as a 64-bit version. 22 Nov 2013ShellBrowser .NET V5.0.1 released: Some bugfixes and improvements have been incorporated. 19 Nov 2013TreeSize Professional V6.0.1 with improved performance and a few bugfixes has been released. 11 Nov 2013SmartPOP2Exchange V8.0 - parallel account processing added. 04 Nov 2013SmartSerialMail V6.3.2: Fixed errors in Import and in sending application. 04 Nov 2013SmartSerialMail Free V1.3.2: Fixed errors in Word- and Excel-Import.

October 2013

25 Oct 2013ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V9.0 released - Two new controls and RAD Studio XE5 support 07 Oct 2013UltraSearch V1.8.1 - Minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated. 01 Oct 2013SmartCallMonitor V1.7.2 - Problems regarding reverse lookup of contacts containing a country prefix were fixed.

September 2013

27 Sep 2013TreeSize Professional V6.0 with new ribbon-based user interface, native 64-bit support and various new features has been released. 13 Sep 2013ServerSentinel V3.0.3 - Fixed host selection for various sensors 09 Sep 2013ServerSentinel V3.0.2 - Increased stability and numerous improvements 05 Sep 2013SmartSerialMail V6.3.1: Excel import and sending to Cc and BCc fixed. 05 Sep 2013SmartSerialMail Free V1.3.1: Fixed Excel-Import.

August 2013

26 Aug 2013SmartSerialMail V6.3: Support of Punycode email addresses and a lot of improvements 26 Aug 2013SmartSerialMail Free V1.3: The colors of the email templates are now selectable 21 Aug 2013ShellBrowser .Net 5.0 released - Drag hints are now available. ShellListView now supports FTP addresses. New component ShellFilePreview available. 06 Aug 2013UltraSearch V1.8 - Now also available as 64-bit version!

July 2013

08 Jul 2013Exchange Server Toolbox V4.5.1 - Fixed problems in settings management. 08 Jul 2013ServerSentinel V3.0.1 - Some fixes and improvements have been incorporated

June 2013

28 Jun 2013SmartPOP2Exchange V7.4.2 - Integrated latest ClamAV version 25 Jun 2013ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V8.1.3 supports RAD Studio/Delphi XE4

April 2013

23 Apr 2013SmartPOP2Exchange V7.4.1 - Including improved installer for Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 19 Apr 2013ServerSentinel V3.0 - New sensors, actions and many improvements 04 Apr 2013SmartPOP2Exchange V7.4 Using new technologies and an improved log mechanism.

March 2013

13 Mar 2013SmartCallMonitor V1.7.1 - Problems regarding reverse online search services have been fixed. 06 Mar 2013ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V8.1.2 - The OnBeforeShellCommand event is triggered when entering a folder by doubleclicking or pressing the 'Enter' key. 06 Mar 2013SmartSerialMail V6.2: External HTML Editor and sample content 06 Mar 2013SmartSerialMail Free V1.2: New Sample content

February 2013

20 Feb 2013ShellBrowser Delphi Edition V8.1.1 - Faster sort and search operations in the TJamFileList.

January 2013

03 Jan 2013ShellBrowser .Net 4.3.1 released - ShellListView and ShellTreeView now support back and forward mouse buttons (side buttons).

December 2012

07 Dec 2012Exchange Server Toolbox V4.0.4 - Supports Outlook x64 and features improved message processing 06 Dec 2012SmartSerialMail V6.1 - New sending options and many new features 06 Dec 2012SmartSerialMail Free V1.1 - SSL3 and many improvements

November 2012

08 Nov 2012SmartCallMonitor V1.7 - Switchboard and global hotkey feature.

October 2012

25 Oct 2012UltraSearch V1.7.1 - Some minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated. 22 Oct 2012Shell Browser Delphi Edition V8.1 supports RAD Studio XE3. 16 Oct 2012HeavyLoad V3.2 released: Command line options have been extended, some errors have been fixed. 09 Oct 2012UltraSearch V1.7 - Detects NTFS hardlinks and supports regular expressions

September 2012

28 Sep 2012SmartPOP2Exchange V7.3.1 including the latest ClamAV version and help for training the Bayes filter of Spam Assassin 19 Sep 2012ShellBrowser .Net 4.3.0 released - Supports Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8, improved support for Windows 7 Libraries. 06 Sep 2012SpaceObServer V5.1.2 released: Some minor fixes and improvements have been integrated.