08 Jan 2016

Exchange Server Toolbox v5.4 - The Email archive has been GoBD certified.

30 Nov 2015

SmartSerialMail v7.2.2 - An error in HTML processing has been fixed.

16 Nov 2015

SmartSerialMail v7.2.1 - Errors in the duplicate search and import of quickparts have been fixed.

04 Nov 2015

SmartSerialMail v7.2 - Personalized attachments and Office 365 / EWS connectivity

20 Oct 2015

Exchange Server Toolbox v5.3 - GoBD - compliant e-mail archiving solution by IDW PS880


E-Mail Software

With SmartSerialMail, you can professionally personalize newsletters, business letters or info-mails and send them automatically. The HTML editor and quick parts help you with your email design. With SQL database connection and return management for bounced mails.

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SmartPOP2Exchange downloads mails from existing POP3/IMAP accounts and forwards them to any SMTP server. The software works in the background and processes mails with a spam filter, virus scanner and rules engine. Incoming e-mails are archived automatically.

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The Exchange Server Toolbox is a plug-in for Microsoft Exchange Server. Incoming emails are filtered reliably with anti-spam and anti-virus and archived automatically. Even outgoing mails are archived and their recipients are included in an auto-whitelist.

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SpamAssassin in a Box evaluates the spam probability of emails with a score that can be processed by continuative program. The preconfigured email filter SpamAssassin is included and controlled by a Windows system service.

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