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ClamAV does no longer update its signatures. Even starting freshclam.exe manually fails.

One source which may cause this problem are the ClamAV mirror servers. To solve the problem, please delete the following file:

C:\ProgramData\JAM Software\ClamAV\mirrors.dat

Which SMTP settings do I need when using SmartPOP2Exchange with an online Exchange Server / Office 365?

When using online Exchange Server/Office 365 you need enter the SMTP server name of your online Exchange Server.
This is not "".
For a domain like "" the server name is usually composed like "".
To get the correct SMTP server address you need to do a lookup for the registered MX server.
The SMTP server you get for your domain MX lookup has to be used as SMTP server in the SMTP setting of your SmartPOP2Exchange account.
Keep using port 25 and do not use authentication.
Additionally you should add the externally visible IP address of the server running SmartPOP2Exchange as accepted IP in the connection filter settings of your online Exchange Server.

When SmartPOP2Exchange send messages to our Exchange Server we get the error:
"The smtp server answered: client does not have permissions to send at this sender." or "Sender denied "
What does this mean?

Since Exchange Server 2007 the exchange checks if the user of the authentication details used for the SMTP connection has the privileges to send mails using the address of the FROM field in the message.
With Exchange Server 2007 and newer you should NOT use authentication for the SMTP account settings in SmartPOP2Exchange.

Is there an easy way to move the smartpop2exchange software and all settings to a different server?

All necessary settings for SmartPOP2Exchange can be exported and imported again. Simply export the settings on the old system and import them on the new system.

I am running SmartPOP2Exchange v7.0.3.396.SPAMD.EXE is currently running and it is using over 100MB of RAM on my server. I don 't use the anti-spam features of SmartPOP2Exchange, and all of the tick-boxes under Settings -> Spam Filter are unticked.Can I safely kill SPAMD.EXE? Even better, is it possible to PREVENT spamd.exe from even being loaded by SmartPOP2Exchange if the Spam settings are all disabled?

If you really don 't need/use the SpamAssassin of SmartPOP2Exchange (or the Exchange ServerToolbox if installed also) then you simply can stop the " SpamdServiceControl" server in windows services and set its start type to manual.

I have installed SmartPOP2Exchange a few times, but this is the first time on Windows Small Business Server 2008. I am getting "Sending of test message failed. The server answered: Client was not authenticated. " Testing with SSL gives "Sending of test message failed. The server answered: Socket Error #0 ". Testing with This server requires authentication also failes. Any ideas where to go next?

"Client was not authenticated" means you either need to enter a username andpassword in the SMTP options for that account, you useport 587 (Client Receive Connector) or you allow anonymous access as suggested in the help of SmartPOP2Exchange.

I started getting the following error - error while opening SMTP connect to "domain name ":Socket Error #11004 -> the requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was foundAny ideas on what could be going on?

This error regarding to your SMTP server points to problems with your DNS server/DC:
You may enter the IP address of the SMTP server instead of the name.

I keep receiving an error message from smartporp2exchange stating :09.03.2009 13:17:46 Error while opening POP3 connection to " "( Internal login failure. Refer to server log for more information. This is happening for multiple accounts that smartpop connects to. Strangely enough the error does not consistently occur with a specific account.I 've looked at the `application logs` on the server but there is no difference in detail. Could anyone advise me as to why this might be happening?

This error is no error of SmartPOP2Exchange. This is an error reported by the pop3 server when SmartPOP2Exchange tries to login. Please contact your pop3 server provider about this error. If you try to login using telnet or any other pop3 client application you should get the same error.

We are using smart pop3 exchange, we are not receiving any external emails, ive looked in the logs and there is the following error message " Error while opening smtp connection "our server name " authentication unsuccessful " Also when I look on the server error log under applications there is the following error message "smartpop2smtp application error message "error while opening SMTP connection to "OUR SERVER " already connected.

The error "authentication unsuccessful" may occur because of the following reasons:- you entered a wrong username or password (also check if your pop3 server requires SSL). Try connecting using a standard mail client like Outlook Express or try it using telnet: 
telnet 110
USER [YourUsername]
PASS [YourPasswort]

How can I update ClamAV myself?

You may update the dlls and exe files (C:\Programs\Common Files\JAM Software\ClamAV) of ClamAV yourself by getting them from theClamWin ( )project. But we do not give any support for this. It may cause no virus to be detected or any mail/file be detected as virus. We once had thins situation when ClamWin changed some interfaces which did not result in error, just in such a strange behavior.
Hint: The virus signature files used by ClamAV are located in:
    C:\Documentsand Settings\All Users\Application Data\JAM Software\ClamAV
and are updated automatically at least every 3 hours.

How do I set the maximum message size for download? I can 't see attachment size limits anywhere?A lot of my messages are being blocked from being recieved because they have exceeded the message limit.

SmartPOP2Exchange does not have any size limitation.The error you get "maximum message size exceeded" is from your Exchange/SMTPServer which does refuses the mail of SmartPOP2Exchange. You need to adjust that limit in your Exchange/SMTP Server.

One of my clients that has your product just recently migrated servers and now I am having trouble setting up smartpop2exchange on their server. I had it running without any problems on a server 2008 machine with exchange 2007. However, I now am having problems setting it up in the exchange 2007 environment. From what I can tell, it keeps trying to send the messages for a long time until it finally works. What are the suggested settings for exchange 2007 for smartpop2exchange to work? I can also send you my logs if that would help.

SmartPOP2Exchange works with any SMTP server. There are no Exchange Server specific or ExchangeServer version specific settings you can do in SmartPOP2Exchange.The only thing you need to take care about is to configure your SMTP / Exchange Serverin in a way that it accepts mails via SMTP like it would receive your mail directly from the internet. A short startup for configuring your Exchange Server you can find in the help of SmartPOP2Exchange.