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Sample Projects

The sample projects Getting Started, JamExplorer and JamSearch come with the ShellBrowser .NET Components.

They are included in all licenses of ShellBrowser .NET Components, and are also part of the evaluation copy.

You can download the sample applications in executable form here:

Sample Project: Getting Started

Getting Started XP The Getting Started application will help you get your projects up and running with a minimum of effort. This sample project provides an easy overview about the features of the ShellBrowser .NET components.
Clearly structured source code will enable you to use the components in your own projects with ease.

Sample Project: JAMExplorer

JamExplorer is a project illustrating how to build an Explorer-like application using the visual shell controls of the ShellBrowser .NET Components.

JAM Explorer XP The well-known TreeView was placed on the left pane, while the contents of the current folder are displayed on the right pane. In the toolbar you will find some of the typical explorer buttons like delete, properties, and small/large icons. For every item the context menu will be displayed when the user right-clicks on it. All items can be renamed.

The only code written for this sample project were the handlers for the Buttons in the toolbar of the window (usually one line of code per button).

JAM Explorer Vista Large Icons ShellBrowser .NET Components supports different view modes, for example "Extra Large Icons". You can see the components at work in the JamExplorer.

JAM Explorer Vista Background In the JamExplorer sample project you can define different background graphics. Icon transparency is fully supported.

Sample Project: JamSearch

JAM Search XP JamSearch is a project simulating the Windows file search. The user can search for certain file dates or file sizes and decide whether subfolders should be included in the search or not.

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