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Compare Scan Results: Export and Save Your Data in the Desired Format.

The SpaceObServer History enables you to compare scan results easily and comfortably. Many reporting tasks, however, demand an export of data e.g. as an MS Excel or PDF document.

SpaceObServer offers different exporting options:

All visualizations can be saved as JPG, GIF or PNG files.


Saving scan results in the XML format makes it easy to compare scans and predict disk usage growth. SpaceObServer automatically saves a style sheet to make sure your XML reports stay reader-friendly.

SpaceObServer XML reports are fully compatible to TreeSize. You can export SpaceObServer scan results to the XML format and load them in TreeSize to compare them with current scan results or older TreeSize XML reports.


SpaceObServer offers native Excel support. Scan reports exported into XLS or XLSX format will be formatted automatically: content will be shown in the correct unit (e.g. GB or MB), text will be recognized as text, numbers will be recognized as numbers. This works whether Excel is installed on your system or not. Expandable and collapsible levels grant overview. Your report fills more lines than Excel can handle? SpaceObServer will automatically continue the report on the next work sheet.


Your program cannot process XLS and XLSX files? Simply save your scan reports in the CSV or TXT format.

Clipboard/File Lists

If you need to insert the results of scans in a program or a document, simply copy them to the clipboard and use them as needed. You can also copy a list of all scanned files to the clipboard.


You need to open scan reports in an internet browser or store them on a webserver for many recipients to see? Simply save them in the HTML format.


Directly send your reports via email - you won't have to copy them to clipboard or save them to your machine.


Save your report as a formatted PDF file.

Print Reports

Print your file tree, statistics, and diagramms directly.

We protect your privacy! The plug-in "Shariff" makes sure that your data will not be transferred to social networks unless you click one of the share buttons. Learn more.