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The Database-Based Disk Space Manager

Use the File Search to Manage Server Space

Finding a certain file on your server might be easy if you know the file name - but what if you need to find all files of a certain type, e.g. find all video files? If you need to sort files by age or latest change date? What if you need to check which types of files a certain user saves on his shares or delete files you no longer need?

SpaceObServer can help you find files in every folder and share on your server and list them according to different criteria:

  • size
  • last change date
  • last access date
  • creation date
  • extension
  • filename
  • path pattern
  • file attributes
  • owner
  • full path length

You found the files you were searching for - what do you want to do with them? SpaceObServer offers several ways to process found files: you can delete files, move files to a folder and archive files to a ZIP file or burn them to an optical medium (such as CD or DVD).

When moving files, SpaceObServer allows you to leave links to the new file location, enabling users to easily access moved files. Since the original paths to archived files can be preserved, restoring moved files in their old place is possible at all times.

System administrators can access even more processing options: found files may be passed as parameters to scripts or executable files.

Whatever you do, whether you delete files from your hard drive or use the file search: All file operations can be documented automatically in a log file.

Your filter configurations can be saved as individual searches. You can access these searches via the "Search" menu at any time.

You want to find files, e.g. to delete redundant files, but do not require an integrated database? In this case TreeSize might be the right choice for you.

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