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TreeSize Touchv2.0

Manage disk space on mobile devices


Disk space management does not stop at mobile devices. Large storage media like SD cards or USB drives are as prone to cluttering as their hard disk counterparts.

Hint: TreeSize Touch was developed for ARM devices with Windows RT. For all other Windows touchscreen devices with a screen size of at least 7 inches we recommend TreeSize Free with full touchscreen support.

Disk space reporting has never been easier: TreeSize Touch automatically creates directory tree view which can be sorted according to the following criteria:

  • The size assigned to folders or files on the chosen storage medium (allocated space)
  • The real size of folders or files
  • The percentage of folder space a file or directory uses in the parent folder
  • The number of files in a folder
  • The file and folder names

Results can be displayed in a unit of your choice (KB, MB or GB) or in the most appropriate unit (Auto).

You want to clean up your tablet’s disk space and are unsure where to start? Simply use the "Top100"-feature. It will provide you with a list of the largest files in a selected directory, making it easy to identify space hogs.

You require additional information regarding your files and directories? Select a folder or file and click "Details" to gain deeper insight into the object properties. TreeSize Touch lists name, path, size, number of included files and folders, last modification date, last access date, attributes as well as date of creation.

TreeSize Touch enables you to delete files without having to leave the user interface. You want even more disk space management features? In this case we recommend TreeSize Free, TreeSize Personal or TreeSize Professional.

Download TreeSize Touch from the Windows Store.