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March 2013


2013: 15 years of JAM Sofware! 

Dear customers, 

1997 TreeSize was released and grew to be one of the best-known disk space managers worldwide.

1998 Joachim Marder founded JAM Software. Since then, many software products joined the JAM Software portfolio - all of them every bit as reliable as TreeSize. To celebrate this success story we bring gifts for you, or loyal customers.

2013 has been off to a great start. Take a look at our cutting-edge software:

 SpaceObServer V5.1 - monitor disk space usage securely!
 SmartSerialMail V6.2 - external HTML editor and email templates

 Exchange Server Toolbox V4.0 - spam and virus protection

 HeavyLoad V3.2 - your stress-free free stress tool

Before we kick off the big 15 years of JAM Software party there is much to do: we are working at full steam to finalize our newest developments.

And of course all relevant JAM Software products are Windows 8 certified. You will be able to use the software after upgrading to Windows 8.

You have further questions, are interested in what we have to offer or just want to take a look at JAM Software? Simply visit us at

Of course you can also reach us via email:

With best wishes from Trier  


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)



 JAM Software turns 15!

 SpaceObServer V5.1

 SmartSerialMail V6.2

 Exchange Server Toolbox V4

 HeavyLoad V7.1 

 JAM turns 15! 

Join the celebration
and learn more about
the 15 years of
JAM Software special offers

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 15 years of JAM Software - join the celebration!

TreeSize was only the first step: in the last 15 years our portfolio has expanded continuously.

Professional disk space management on local machines or servers, quick and easy newsletter creation and customer relationship management, reliable email server security or sensor-based monitoring - JAM Software covers all the bases!

To thank our customers for 15 years of trust, great cooperation and the valuable feedback we have created the 15 years of JAM Software special offer series of 2013.

Once every few weeks you will find interesting offers such as coupons for selected products or sweepstakes at www.jam-software.com/15-years-of-jam-special-offers. You will find all conditions of participation on our site.

Hint: Drop by once in a while - the special offers will change! We are looking forward to your visit!

 SpaceObServer V5.1 - TreeSize's "big brother"

Disk space management on servers has never been easier. SpaceObServer scans computers locally or in a network and saves all gathered data (including a history) to an SQL database, thus offering many additional features.

SpaceObServer helps you find redundant files, remove duplicate data and pinpoint big or old files on your hard drives. The file search on the database level is completed in a matter of seconds. Simply define your filters and see results almost immediately.

Learn more about the features SpaceObServer has to offer. Here are some examples:

 Scan drives automatically and define scan intervals or let SpaceObServer access the NTFS Change Journals.

 Identify space usage growth, even on folder level.

 Use automated reporting via the OLE interface and send the reports via email.

 Monitor the size of Exchange inboxes.

All scan results are presented in clear visualizations and can be printed or exported. The historical presentation of disk space usage allows you to see emerging patterns and may even enable you to make forecasts regarding the further development.

Optimize your disk space management today with the fully-functional trial version or read more about SpaceObServer.

 SmartSerialMail V6.2 - email templates and external HTML editor!

The New Year brought some new developments, especially for SmartSerialMail. Read more about the two big improvements of version 6.2:

53 free HTML email templates

SSM_Templates.pngWith our free email templates your creative newsletter design is only a few clicks away - simply paste your pictures, add content and start sending.

Your corporate identity does not match the email templates? Don't worry, you can easily modify the designs to match your requirements.


External HTML editor

You have been using the same HTML editor for some time but now you want to use the many advantages of SmartSerialMail? Why don't you integrate your editor into SmartSerialMail? Simply write your emails the way you are used to and let SmartSerialMail handle sending operations, customer relationship management and tracking.

One open source editor (KompoZer) can be installed without even closing SmartSerialMail.

See for yourself what SmartSerialMail has to offer! Test our powerful serial mailer free of charge for 30 days or learn more about what SmartSerialMail can do for you.

   Exchange Server Toolbox V4.0 - no power to spam!

Spam is not only a nuisance, it also poses a significant security risk. Phishing emails may fool your employees, malware lurks in attachments. The additional task of sifting through a spam folder in search of emails falsely marked as spam costs time.

The Exchange Server Toolbox grants flexible spam and virus protection and can even - depending on your Exchange Server - reject spam emails completely! The detection rates can reach up to nearly 100 % over time!

This is how the Exchange Server Toolbox uses SpamAssassin to detect spam:

 The static analysis uses regular expressions to rate email content as well as attachments and will even find deliberate misspellings.

 The network analysis creates a checksum of the emails content and compares it with the Razor2 network. Simultaneously, the sender's IP address is checked.

 The self-improving Bayes filter evaluates words and word clusters via a statistical analysis. You can train the filter manually and thus increase its efficiency. 

The internal rule system of the Exchange Server Toolbox either marks a mail as possible spam and delivers it or rejects it as a security risk - all according to rules you can configure individually.

Test the ultimate spam and virus protection free of charge today! You want to make up your mind first? Find all relevant information regarding the Exchange Server Toolbox here.

 HeavyLoad V3.2 - put your PC through its paces!

Testing the capacities of your computer will help you find weak spots long before the breaking point, thus protecting data, hardware, and - last but not least - working hours from going down the drain of a crashed system.

HeavyLoad offers several test methods and even allows a portable installation!

Learn more about the several stress tests HeavyLoad employs:

 Stress CPU: HeavyLoad performs complicated calculations to use all or some of your processor cores to full capacity.

 Write test file: Simulate dwindling disk space scenarios while HeavyLoad writes a test file to your PC's hard disk at varying speeds.

 Allocate memory: Learn how your PC behaves with scarce memory.

 Simulate Disk Accesses: HeavyLoad and TreeSize work in combination to find out how reliable your hard disk really is.

 Stress GPU: Processor and hard disks are fine, but what about the graphics card? The GPU stress test uses a 3D graphic so simulate high GPU load.

Download HeavyLoad for free or learn more about your versatile stress tool here.


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