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Mar 2014


Big Data: new reporting tools


Dear customers,

2013 brought TreeSize v6, in 2014 reporting with the hard disk and server space manager SpaceObServer will be revolutionized: remote reporting via web browser is coming up. Find all information about the newly developed SpaceObServer Web Access in this newsletter.

When it comes to communication, SSL encryption is a world-wide standard - or is it? Unfortunately, you will still find POP3 and IMAP connectors without SSL support. If you are using SmartPOP2Exchange you do not need to worry: your connector supports SSL.

COMING SOON: The SpaceObServer Web Access.
SpaceObServer v5.2

New major versions of SpamAssassin and ClamAV.
Exchange Server Toolbox v5

Secure communication via SSL:
SmartPOP2Exchange v8.1

Put your machine through its paces! 
HeavyLoad V3.3

You have questions regarding our licensing model or our products? You want to order our software? Simply contact our sales team via email:
sales@jam-software.com - we are always happy to help!


Best wishes from Trier


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)


 SpaceObServer Web Access

 Exchange Server Toolbox





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 SpaceObServer Web Access - Monitor disk space in your browser

With the versatile disk space manager SpaceObServer you can easily keep an eye on disk space usage and development on your hard disks or servers. SpaceObServer scans drives automatically and enables you to see changes and trends right down to file level.

JAM Software's newest development, reporting is optimized even further: the SpaceObServer Web Access provides scan results remotely - right in the user's browser!

The Web Access enables users to access an interface based on the SpaceObServer UI, enabling them to see all available scan results by simply entering a URL in their web browser.

Security remains top priority: users are granted reading access only and cannot perform any file or scan operations. The Web Access does not depend on a certain operation system - all a user needs is an internet connection and the current version of a standard browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome).

Download the free trial version of SpaceObServer here and get to know your disk space manager before the Web Access is released. You will find all information regarding the software on our website!

 Exchange Server Toolbox v5 - the newest virus and spam protection!

Viruses, trojans, spyware - the media is full of horror stories concerning digital attacks. Spammers try to collect money or valuable personal data under false pretenses and sometime create devious "phishing emails".

Whenever we use email as a medium of communication, we encounter spam and malware on a daily basis. Only two things can protect us: vigilance and an email server with a working digital immune system.

The Exchange Server Toolbox is your secure protection from unwanted visitors in your inbox. The software supplements your Exchange Server and facilitates management and processing of emails. Even a top-of-the-line backup system is included!

Version 5 comes with the newest major releases of the world-famous spam filter SpamAssassin and the antivirus software ClamAV.

You will find all features of the Exchange Server Toolbox on our website. You want to enhance your security right now? Download the free trial version and start your 30 day test phase.

 SmartPOP2Exchange v8.1 - SSL encryption ensured

Encrypting email communication via SSL greatly increases security: passwords and email content are no longer broadcasted in plain text and thus cannot be read easily.

Even though SSL has been around for years and is considered international standard, not all POP3/IMAP connectors support it.

If you are using SmartPOP2Exchange there is no need to worry. Of course your connector supports POP3 connections via SSL. If you decide to use the encryption, nothing will change. Login, email download and sending will work just like they did before - the extra protection works in the background.

Find out more about your connector with integrated virus and spam protection on our website or simply test the software free of charge for 30 days

 HeavyLoad v3.3 - the final test

Even if a computers runs without a hitch under normal conditions this does not mean that peaks will not bring it down to its knees. An overloaded system can mean data loss or even worse consequences. Only if you know your machines weak points you can prepare. This is where specialized testing software comes into play.

HeavyLoad is your free stress test tool. It uses several testing methods to see how your PC or server will react if its processor runs under full capacity, hard disk space dwindles, or memory becomes scarce.

Download HeavyLoad v3.3 for free and get started. You want to learn more about the testing methods and the software? Read more here.  



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