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March 2015


++ SpaceObServer Web Access v1.1 ++ ShellBrowser ++ ServerSentinel v3.2 ++ UltraSearch v2++


Dear customers,

At the end of the first quarter of 2015 we have some news to share with you: Our developers improve SpaceObServer Web Access a little bit more every day, ServerSentinel and UltraSearch have dived into 2015 with new features!

Improved remote reporting:
SpaceObServer Web Access v1.1

Small effort - big effects:
ShellBrowser Components .NET v5.2

New sensors and actions:
ServerSentinel v3.2

Find files even faster: 
UltraSearch v2.0

We will have more exciting new releases for you in a few weeks! The next version of TreeSize will be out soon, featuring new diagrams and an improved snapshot feature.

Read more about our products at www.jam-software.com.

You have a question? You want to share some feedback? Contact us at sales@jam-software.com!

As always, best wishes from Trier


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)


 SpaceObServer Web Access

 ShellBrowser Components





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Current Releases:

ShellBrowser .NET

Spam Assassin in a Box


SpaceObServer Web Access

TreeSize Free


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 Faster and better remote reporting: SpaceObServer Web Access v1.1

The SpaceObServer add-on Web Access made remote reporting child's play. Show end users all their scans via intranet. After the Web Access host has been installed on the server, no additional software installations are required! All the user needs is an internet browser - there's no easier way to access scans remotely!

SpaceObServer Web Access version 1.1 runs even faster and features improved usability.

Web Access 1.1 enables administrators to register new users and edit user permissions in the clear and easy to use administrator backend.

Our recommendation: The first year of Web Access will soon be over. Get the SpaceObServer Web Access starter kit at a special discount price until June 30, 2015! 

Test the SpaceObServer Web Access (SpaceObServer required) or visit our website

 Improve applications easily with ShellBrowser Controls .NET Edition v5.2

You develop software and require shell components granting your application the look and feel of the Windows Explorer?

With the ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition you will quickly easily improve your .NET Application and insert key features of the Windows Explorer with just a few clicks.

The wide range of components (for example the file preview) imitates the Explorer perfectly: Use the icons and thumbnails known from Windows or implement an Explorer context menu and virtual folders. It goes without saying that the ShellBrowser Components offer full drag and drop support.

The ShellBrowser Components .NET version 5.2 support long paths and run more reliably as well as faster.

Download the free trial version today or learn more...

 Secure monitoring, flexible actions: ServerSentinel v3.2

ServerSentinel version 3.2 is here and offers new features and improved performance.

New Sensors and actions - for example the file system sensor - enable users to monitor computers and servers even more extensively. New automation options and features for existing sensors complete the deal.

The performance of the user interface and the ServerSentinel service working in the background has been improved significantly. Work even faster with your flexible monitoring solution. 

Test ServerSentinel for free or learn more.

 Find files faster: UltraSearch v2

You thought UltraSearch was fast? UltraSearch version 2 is faster than you ever imagined!

The completely reworked scan mechanism and a new search algorithm makes UltraSearch faster than ever before - while reducing the strain on your RAM at the same time!

The user interface has been improved as well: Switch between file and folder search with a single click and select directories in the new toolbar.

See for yourself: Download UltraSearch v2 for free on our website (without any kind of registration) and learn more... 



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