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May 2016


+++ JAM Software and renewable energies +++ Emulate the Windows Explorer in Delphi applications with ShellBrowser Components v10.2 +++ Redesign behind the scenes: TreeSize v6.3 +++ Better protection for you inbox: SmartPOP2Exchange v8.4 +++


Dear customers,


Everyone is talking about environmental protection - JAM Software acts! The company headquarters as well as the main web servers are all supplied with green electricity. Here's our newest green releases:

Clean IT is the norm:
Green energy at JAM Software

Emulate Windows Explorer in your application: 
ShellBrowser Components Delphi v10.1 und v10.2

Old features newly improved:
TreeSize v6.3

Better protection from crypto trojans:
SmartPOP2Exchange v8.4

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Visit us at www.jam-software.com for fact, free trial versions and our freeware products! 

You have questions or feedback? We are looking forward to hearing from you! You can reach us at sales@jam-software.com.


With best wishes from Trier


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)


 Clean IT at JAM Software

 ShellBrowser Delphi






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 Clean IT at JAM Software 

Displays and computers at each workstation, server room, lights, heating and never forget the coffee maker - an average office building requires a lot of electricity. The JAM Software headquarters are no exception.

But isn't there a way to improve the status quo? JAM Software has answered this question with "Yes!"

We have decided on a two-pronged strategy to minimize our energy footprint:

  • The JAM Software building as well as the main server are powered by clean energy harvested from sustainable sources.
  • We have replaced physical servers with virtual servers. This saves additional energy, since fewer workstations have to run.
  • To cool our office building in the summer we reverse the effect of the thermal heat pump already in place - no energy-hungry air conditioning required.

Other measures to reduce our carbon footprint include: waste separation, ordering supplies in bulk, and recycling of packaging material.

In short: JAM Software lives sustainable software development.

 Easily Integrate the Windows Explorer: ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition v10.2

You require an explorer interface in your application? Save valuable development time and integrate the entire Windows Explorer quickly and easily.

The new ExplorerBrowser Component emulates an entire Windows Explorer - guaranteed hassle-free. Never mind COM objects and interfaces, simply deploy the Explorer Browser component like any other Delphi Windows Form control.

ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition v10.2 offer full RAD Studio/Delphi 10.1 support.

Download the free trial version and get started oder learn more about JAM Software's developer components.

Hint: The ShellBrowser Components are also available in .NET!

 Same Look, Big Improvements! TreeSize v6.3

We're on our way to TreeSize version 7 - and version 6.3 is a big step!

Even though TreeSize v6.3 looks like the older versions, the inner structures of our software have been completely overhauled. These changed are the foundation for additional exciting features to be implemented in TreeSize version 7. 

The result: TreeSize v6.3 scans mobile devices, WebDAV servers (including SharePoints), and FTP servers.

The export feature has been greatly improved: Thanks to multi-threading, parallel exports are the new standard. Start a new scan while TreeSize exports an old one - both threads will run in the background even if you remove one scan from the tree view.

Test TreeSize v6.3 - it's free! Require additional information? Read more

 Protect Your Inbox: SmartPOP2Exchange v8.4 Coming Soon

Crypto trojans and other malware ravage computers all over the world. Decrypting encrypted data is often impossible - paying a ransom might help, but only as long as the criminals holding the data hostage make good on their promise to deliver decryption tools once the ransom is paid.

The malware often reaches systems via email: Manipulated files are sent to unsuspecting recipients.

SmartPOP2Exchange will keep your inbox safe! The integrated virus scanner ClamAV can run parallel to preinstalled solutions and offers additional security. The nevest ClamAV version 0.99 will be integrated in the upcoming SmartPOP2Exchange v8.4.

Version 8.4 will also feature a rule system for processing SMTP errors.

SmartPOP2Exchange - you intelligent POP3/SMTP connector.

Learn more or test SmartPOP2 Exchange version 8.3! 



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