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June 2013


TreeSize Professional version 6 is on the road... 


Dear customer

Our famous software TreeSize turned 15 last year and the success story continues.

The development process nears a fundamental milestone: the time to reveal TreeSize Professional V6 is within our reach. Today we present the first snapshots of the software's new look, fresh from the screens of our tireless developers.

 TreeSize Professional V6 - first shapshots!

 ServerSentinel V3 - monitor networks and servers securely
 Spam Assassin in a Box V1 - perfect spam protection

There is one rule for each product of JAM Software: Our software is not only put through a rigorous testing process, it is also used in our daily business.

There is no better way to run a comprehensive endurance test! This way our developers gain valuable insight from a user's point of view and can streamline the software to match our customer's expectations perfectly.

Of course we always value customer feedback!

Thus, our invitation still stands: You want to learn more about our products, have a question or suggestions? We are looking forward to your visit at 

Of course you can also reach us via email! Simply drop us a line:
sales@jam-software.com - we are always happy to help!

With best wishes from Trier 


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)



 TreeSize V6 is on its way!

 ServerSentinel V3

 SpamAssassin in a Box V1

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 TreeSize Professional V6 - Take a first glimpse at what is ahead of you

Concept car was spotted on the JAM Software data highways ... Hint: We are not talking about the new company car - this is the future of a true classic!

Model: TreeSize Professional. Type: Version 6.

Our in-house car chasers have provided a collection of snapshots. See what TreeSize V6 will have to offer. Warning: spoilers!

 Native 64bit support
The Professional Edition, we are told, will offer full 64bit support. The usable system memory will no longer pose a limit - not even on the largest server systems.

 New Ribbon user interface

An organized dashboard helps the driver keep an eye on things - this is why the JAM Software designers have implemented the well-known ribbon GUI (Windows Vista and higher).

The most important elements were grouped to guarantee that users never lose their way when navigating the TreeSize Professional interface.

 S.M.A.R.T. driving
SMART_Ausschnitt.pngS.M.A.R.T. values offer valuable insight into the health of your hard disks - and TreeSize Professional helps you keep up to date! Hint: For the continuous monitoring of hard disk health we recommend the model ServerSentinel

 Regular expressions
Regular_Expressions_Ausschnitt.pngRegular expressions ("regex" for short) have been sighted in the revised filters. According to the rumors, searching file content might be possible as well.

 New features for Excel and HTML reports
The general redesign has obivously been applied to the export features, too: TreeSize V6 facilitates the export of expandable folder levels.

 Compare scans
Snapshot_Compare_Ausschnitt.pngA view under the hood is always a good idea. With TreeSize you can compare snapshots of old scans (such as the ones Windows performs regularly) to new scans.

This really is the fast lane to a quick overview over disk space development.


For further information regarding TreeSize simply visit our website. You want to take the current model for a spin? Start your engines here - it's free!

 ServerSentinel V3 - keeps your engines running!

In any modern car you are surrounded by hundreds of sensors. Rain sensors, park distance controls, or blind spot assist keep us safe on the roads. The same goes for life on the data highways: sensors increase security!

We have great news for you: ServerSentinel version 3 has arrived! A wide range of new sensors facilitates the tailored monitoring of local computers, servers, and even whole networks.

Even a short look at some of the new features shows: ServerSentinel V3 keeps your business safe and secure!

 Use the S.M.A.R.T. sensor to monitor the health of your hard disks. If the values cross a certain threshold, ServerSentinel warns you, thus allowing you to prevent critical errors

 Clarity creates security! Create sensor groups for a better overview. You can easily create a group for all sensors of a certain type or server.

 Monitor local or remote RAID systems with a special sensor.

 Use the action network power socket control to switch a power socket on or off remotely.

JAM Software has been relying on ServerSentinel for years. Read the case study to learn what the versatile monitoring software can do for you:
Identify bottlenecks, monitor performance and safety installations, ensure server availability, UPS control, prevent critical system failures ...

Test the full version of ServerSentinel free of charge for 30 days or learn more about your mighty monitoring machine.

 SpamAssassin in a Box V1 - keeps your inbox clean

SpamAssassin in a Box is your powerful anti-spam solution for Windows. The powerhouse is delivered preconfigured and comes with a Windows system service facilitating out of the box use on Windows servers or even your local Windows system.

But there is more! SpamAssassin was not only ported to Windows, but also heavily tuned. The internal spam-fighting engine runs more stable and consumes fewer system resources thanks to the Windows service running in the background.

Kick in the anti-spam turbo and test SpamAssassin in a Box free of charge for 30 days! Want to do som reading first? You will find all answers here.


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