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June 2015


+++ TreeSize Professional v6.2 +++ SmartSerialMail v7.1 +++ Exchange Server Toolbox v5.2 +++ ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition for Delphi XE8 v9.3 +++


Dear customers,


Embarcadero has released RAD Studio XE8 with Delphi and C++ Builder, JAM Software offers new versions of well-known software.

Just in case you are worrying: The new release of ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition is fully compatible with the new RAD Studio!

New charts, improved snapshot comparison:
TreeSize v6.2

New user interface, S/MIME signing, histroy and charts: 
SmartSerialMail v7.1

Full RAD Studio XE8 compatibility:
ShellBrowser Components Delphi Editon v9.3

Archive emails securely:
Exchange Server Toolbox v5.2

Learn which software was improved and read about the new features added to our software solutions!

At www.jam-software.com you'll find all information regarding our products as well as our freeware!

You have a question or a suggestion? We'd like to hear from you! You can reach us 24/7: sales@jam-software.com!

With best wishes from Trier


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)




 ShellBrowser Components

 Exchange Server Toolbox





Download emails from POP3 and IMAP accounts and forward them to SMTP servers.


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 New charts, improved snapshots: TreeSize Professional v6.2

TreeSize Professional version 6.2 is here and offers new charts for even better visualization of scan results. The clear new design helps you keep an overview of disk space usage and eliminate unused space hogs.

Snapshot comparison has been improved as well. TreeSize now supports Windows DFS shares and snapshots non-Windows storage systems e.g. from NetApp and EMC.

The export feature now offers new options for automated email export.

Test TreeSize Professional free of charge or visit our website

 Send S/MIME signed emails faster - SmartSerialMail v7.1

Studies confirm: The email remains one of the preferred means of communication and a powerful marketing tool. SmartSerialMail version 7.1 helps you create and manage professional email marketing campaigns.

You want to honor the trust your customers place in you? Digitally sign your emails via S/MIME! Get a certificate and use it to sign emails in SmartSerialMail. All outgoing emails will be signed and the recipients will know that your mail has not been tampered with on the way! JAM Software leads by example and signs all newsletters!

SmartSerialMail v71. not only offers added security but also better email marketing options. A newly implemented statistics feature collects relevant data in sending operations, recipients lists and the user profile and visualizes it in clear charts.

Mistakes happen - but SmartSerialMail has got your back! The history enables you to revert back to any one of the last five versions of recipient lists, email content, and quick parts.

Take a look at our brand-new user interface and test SmartSerialMail or learn more.

 Full RAD Studio/Delphi XE8 support: The ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition v9.3

The ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition version 9.3 provide you with everything you need to create Windows applications. They grant easy access to the entire Windows Shell functionality and come with full RAD Studio/Delphi XE8 support.

The wide range of useful components enables you to incorporate well-known features like file trees, document previews, and context menus into your software in next to no time.

See for yourself and download the free trial version! You want to learn about the different components we offer? Check out our website!

Hint: The ShellBrowser Components are also available in .NET!

 Archive emails securely: The Exchange Server Toolbox v5.2

As a rule, business correspondence should be archived securely - and this rule also applies to electronic forms of communication such as emails. Some countries impose more or less strict rules how to store emails. Often there is an emphasis on making sure that archived content cannot be changed.

The Exchange Server Toolbox archives emails automatically and adds a signature to all emails stored in the backup. All changes made to the emails afterwards can be tracked this way, enabling users to prove that the emails were backed up just like they were received.

Test the Exchange Server Toolbox for free or learn more.



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