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July 2016


+++ Clean up your smartphone with TreeSize and TreeSize Free +++ Find file content
faster with UltraSearch +++ Keep your inbox safe from crypto trojans +++
+++ Coming soon: ServerSentinel v4 +++


Dear customers,


Ever run out of space on your smartphone or tablet? If the answer is yes, you might be interested in one of the new TreeSize features... Continue reading to learn more. 

Other news include (but are not limited to):

Disk space management on the move:
TreeSize scans mobile devices

The best fast file search: 
UltraSearch searches in file content

Locky is back, Bart gains traction:
SmartPOP2Exchange and crypto trojans

New features, redesigned UI:
ServerSentinel v4 coming soon

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 Disk Space Management on Mobile Devices with TreeSize 

Cleaning up disk space on smartphones and tablets can be tedious. Many old and forgotten downloads fester in folders located in the dusty corners of the SD card and steal valuable storage space required for apps.

TreeSize v6.3 can scan smartphones and tablets and will help you get rid of files you no longer need.

There are two ways of scanning your smartphone with TreeSize (and TreeSize Free):

1. Scan via MTP

Most mobile devices connect to computers via the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). As a result, the device is not recognized as a drive - a problem for most disk space managers. TreeSize is the exception. Your disk space manager will find and scan your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera. Use all the tools TreeSize offers to get rid of unwanted files.

2. Scan via WebDAV

You are using an Android device connected to your wireless LAN? Simply download a WebDAV app, activate it, enter the IP address in TreeSize, and start the scan. It's that easy.

Test TreeSize v6.3 for free! Want to read up on the software first? Learn more

 Find Files Fast: Search File Content with UltraSearch

We all know the situation: There's a file you really need, but you've forgotten where you put it and can't remember the name. Luckily, there's a solution: UltraSearch is your fast file search freeware.

It works directly on the Master File Table instead of writing and maintaining an index file. It will search in file content and finds specific files or file groups.

Users can exclude folders, files, or file types from searches or use regular expressions to find files according to a pattern.

In short: UltraSearch is the perfect way to find what you are looking for on your hard disk.

Download UltraSearch today: It's free!

 Locky is Back and Bart is Running Rampant! Is Your Inbox Protected?

The crypto trojan Locky is back and the new malware Bart is spreading. While Locky will encrypt the files themselves, Bart simply places certain file types in password-protected ZIP archives.

Malware is often spread as attachments to phishing emails or distributed as downloads in cloud sevices such as dropbox.

The first step (and an important security measure) is information: Warn employees, educate colleagues, get them to think before they open files.

The second step: Increase the protection of your inbox! With SmartPOP2Exchange you can run ClamAV in addition to your own antivirus software. Why ClamAV? Sanesecurity provides signatures for ClamAV that can help prevent ransoware spread via email. The signatures are updated hourly and increase security significantly.

Learn more about SmartPOP2Exchange or download your free trial version today! 

 ServerSentinel v4: Sneak Preview

ServerSentinel version 4 is coming up and you can look forward to a wide range of great new features.

The user interface has been completely redesigned and offers easier navigation. New charts and additional configuration options make monitoring your systems even easier than before:

  • Use the new scheduler to perform checks at exact times.
  • Customize the UI to fit your needs.
  • Manage actions easily in the new action overview.

Even though the release of version 4 will take some time, it's definitely worth the wait!

Learn more about ServerSentinel v4 in our sneak preview or test ServerSentinel v3! 


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