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November 2014


Cyber Monday 2014 - Save 14%!


Dear customers,

The end of the year draws near, but before we enter the Christmas season, there is one holiday left to remember: CyberMonday 2014!

New sensors and actions:
ServerSentinel V3.1

Newest SpamAssassin and improved event log:
Exchange Server Toolbox V5.1

Remote reporting made easy:
SpaceObServer Web Access V1

Scan network drives:
TreeSize Free V3.2

Save 14% in 2014!
CyberMonday 2014

JAM Software is looking forward to the festivities! Visit our site and save 14% when buying or updating your software during the promotion period (November 27 till December 3, 2014).

On www.jam-software.com you will find the latest news regarding our software products and special offers.

Need help with your software? In search for answers? Contact us at
sales@jam-software.com, we are happy to be of service!

With best wishes from Trier


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)



 Exchange Server Toolbox

 SpaceObServer Web Access

 TreeSize Free

 Cyber Monday 2014


  Ready for the holidays?

Don't procrastinate!

Download and test your powerful serial email software in time for the holiday season.

Test SmartSerialMail now!


Current Releases:

TreeSize Professional

TreeSize Free

ShellBrowser .Delphi

Exchange Server Toolbox

SpaceObServer Web Access


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 New sensors, new actions - ServerSentinel V3.1

ServerSentinel will not only keep you informed, it can also perform immediate actions to keep your systems safe from harm.

The new version 3.1 comes with additional actions enabling ServerSentinel so either start a remote host or shut it down, restart, or logoff it.

But the new developments do not stop at that: The new mail flow sensor checks the flow of emails between an SMTP and an incoming mail server.

Other developments of the last months: Sensors have been improved and new sensor functions have been added.

ServerSentinel keeps an eye on servers and systems and monitors network services as well as local resources.

Let ServerSentinel help you and download the free trial version or learn more...

 Archive your emails without spam: Exchange Server Toolbox V5.1

SpamAssassin is one of the most famous antispam solutions - and rightly so! The Exchange Server Toolbox incorporates the spam blocker and keeps your inbox safe from unwanted emails. Version 5.1 features the most up-to-date version of SpamAssassin.

But that's not the end of the improvements: The Exchange Server Toolbox event log now supports filtering, sorting, and grouping of data. It loads new entries automatically and can export entries to an XML file. At the same time the performance when handling large amounts of data has been improved.

New exporting mechanisms and actions add up to a well-rounded software release guaranteeing safe and easy email processing.

See for yourself what our software can do for you and test the Exchange Server Toolbox for free or read more on our website. 

 Disk space management via webserver: SpaceObServer Web Access V1

The SpaceObServer add-on SpaceObServer Web Access connects to the SpaceObServer and enables users to see scan results in their web browser. Once the Web Host has been installed on the server, no additional software is required on the client system - a standard internet browser is all you need.

In July 2014 we proudly presented Web Access and the software was met with an astounding welcome. Here is what customers told us about their experiences with the add-on:

 "The interface makes it really easy to understand the scan results, even for less tech-savy users."

 "I like that users cannot make any changes, only check their scans. It prevents user errors (such as deleting a file by accident). Makes my job much, much easier!" 

 "Letting users check their shares is so much more comfortable now. We don't need to set up software for every single user, all we do is provide a web address."

A clear interface and handy visualization options guarantee easy overview for users, easy access lightens the workload of administrators.

You are already using the SpaceObServer Enterprise edition? Start managing disk space in your browser now! Download the free trial version today or learn more...

 Scan network drives with TreeSize Free V3.2!

Our popular disk space management software TreeSize Free counts hundreds of thousands downloads per week. Fans of TreeSize Free have required this feature and we decided to heed their call:

The new version 3.2 of TreeSize Free scans network drives in noncommercial environments as well as cloud shares just like its big brother.

You are using a NAS and want to keep things tidy? TreeSize Free will find large folders and present all the detailed information you need to find wasted disk space at a glance. The same goes for GoogleDrive or SkyDrive, as long as they are locally synchronized.

And the best part? TreeSize Free remains exactly that: free.

Download TreeSize Free (without registration) or learn more about the network abilities on our website

 Cyber Monday 2014: save 14% from November 27 till December 3, 2014!

Since the last Cyber Mondays were such a resounding success, we see no other way than to celebrate these days of online saving again this year.

Save the date:
Outlook/iCal | Google Calendar

Cyber Monday 2014 means 14% off of any purchase on our site from November 27 till December 3, 2014 (MS SQL Server and hardware not included, cannot be combined with other offers).

Simply enter the following coupon code in your shopping cart before checking out:


We like to share our software - and we encourage you to share the coupon code with co-workers, customers, and friends alike. See more than one software product you like? Simply re-use the coupon!

Unsure where to put the 14% discount to use? Maybe this will give you some ideas:

SmartSerialMail | SmartPOP2Exchange | TreeSize | ShellBrowser Components Delphi |
Exchange Server Toolbox | ServerSentinel | SpaceObServer | ShellBrowser Components .NET



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