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September 2016


+++ Microsoft deprecates support for SmartScreen Filter - Exchange Server Toolbox is your alternative +++ SmartCallMonitor v2.0 +++ New components: ShellBrowser Delphi v10.3 +++ 
+++ Exchange Server Toolbox on hMailServer +++ HeavyLoad v3.4 +++


Dear Customers,


For many Microsoft customers November will bring an unwanted change: The support for Microsoft's SmartScreen Filters will be deprecated. We have great news for you! The Exchange Server Toolbox is a great local alternative!

Other news from JAM Software:

No updates after November 1, 2016:
Support for Microsoft SmartScreen spam filter ends

Improved UI, new comfort features:
SmartCallMonitor v2.0 available

New components: 
ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition v10.2

Full feature range on open source server:
Exchange Server Toolbox on hMailServer

Can your machine shoulder the load?
Test computer or server with HeavyLoad v3.4

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(Head of Sales)


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 Support for Microsoft SmartScreen Filter ends - Where do we go from here?

Up to 90% of all emails are spam, experts estimate. A good reason to keep one's spam filter up to date. Many businesses relied on Microsoft's SmartScreen Filters.

Support for the spam filters, however, will end on November 1, 2016. Microsoft will release no further updates.

Secure Local Alternatives to Expensive Online Services

Instead of adding monthly software costs to the bill, users should look at alternatives installed on the local servers. Take the Exchange Server Toolbox. It offers:

  • a powerful, learning spam filter
  • virus protection
  • a flexible rule system
  • a secure email archive

Each license comes with 12 months of free updates and support and can be used indefinitely.

Learn more about the Exchange Server Toolbox start your free 30-day trial today! 

 Call Smarter: The SmartCallMonitor v2 is here! 

SmartCallMonitor is the switchboard for your computer. Version 2 of our freeware call monitor has been released and comes with many improvements:

  • modernized user interface and new comfort features
  • improved switchboard functionality: line overview and easy call management
  • enhanced Outlook synergy
  • clear call journal

And the best news? SmartCallMonitor Version 2 is still completely free!

Download our freeware or read on... 

 The new Components: ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition v10.3

ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition version 10.3 brings two new components, covering additional Windows Explorer features:

History Buttons

Use the TJamShellHistoryPane component to implement a browsing history just like the one in the Windows Explorer. The buttons can match the style of the current Windows version and keep your app authentic Windows Explorer look and feel.

File System Search

Integrate a file system search in your software with the TJamShellSearchEdit component. Users can use the search box known from the Windows Explorer.

But JAM Software has not stopped at creating new components - our existing controls have been improved as well.

Read more about the ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition Version 10 or download the free trial version

 Exchange Server Toolbox on hMailServer: Open Source Exchange Alternative.

The open source server hMailServer for Windows is a full-fledged email server with SMTP, POP3, and IMAP support. The Exchange Server Toolbox will run on hMailServer - all features included.

Even if you are already using an Exchange Server the hMailServer might be a step to consider. Use it as an email proxy or in a DMZ to protect your Exchange and your network and install the Exchange Server Toolbox to profit from all the additional features the plug-in offers. 

Continue reading about the Exchange Server Toolbox on hMailServer or download the free trial version

 HeavyLoad v3.4: Your Free Stress Test Tool

You rely on your computer and it runs great under normal load - but what if resource consumption peaks?

Get our stress test freeware HeavyLoad and check how well your computer or server performs under high loads. Processor running under full capacity, scarce memory, dwindling disk space - HeavyLoad offers all the tests.

Learn more about HeavyLoad and its testing methods or download the freeware! 


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