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November 2013


CyberMonday's coming to town...


Dear customers

This year we are a bit early with our final newsletter of the year 2013 - just in time to announce our CyberMonday deals! Once again we offer a sweet discount to all customers willing to browse the web for software deals.

And while we are talking about time: Christmas is approaching fast and this means Season's Greetings! SmartSerialMail is the ideal tool for sending out your christmas mailing to all of your customers - so why not give it a try?

 SmartSerialMail V6.3 - spice up your Christmas emails!

 SmartPOP2Exchange V8 - spam protection and more
 ShellBrowser Components Delphi V9 - update now!
 Cyber Monday 2013 - get your software 13% off!

2013 sure was an amazing year for JAM Software and we wish to thank you for your trust and especially the warm welcome you gave to TreeSize Version 6 and all our other major versions.

We will use the holidays to relax and start 2014 with extra development power. Of course you will still find all relevant software information on www.jam-software.com

Questions or last-minute orders? Simply contact our sales team at
sales@jam-software.com - we are always happy to help!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)


 SmartSerialMail V6.3

 SmartPOP2Exchange V8

 ShellBrowser Delphi V9

 CyberMonday 13: Save 13%!


  TreeSize V6

TreeSize Professional and Personal offer a new level of disk space management.
Test version 6 today!

Download trial now!


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 SmartSerialMail V6.3 - the Christmas Season is upon us...

This year you have thought of everything: The Christmas cards are already ordered, tasteful presents for employees and business partners have been chosen and wrapped, special "end of the year" offers will be presented in your webshop. In short: you are ready for the season - or are you?

What about sending out Season's Greetings to all your customers? Or informing them about the special Christmas offers or the end of year sale you planned?

Don't join the queue of customers ordering SmartSerialMail at the last minute. Try our powerful email marketing tool today and easily design and distribute your Christmas newsletter.

Learn more about SmartSerialMail and the way it can help you get in touch with your customers on our website. You want to get started directly? Test SmartSerialMail free of charge for 30 days!

 SmartPOP2Exchange V8.0 - download and manage emails easily

You use several POP3 or IMAP accounts and want to connect them all to your SMTP server such as MS Exchange? We have good news for you. V8 of SmartPOP2Exchange makes handling your accounts an easy task and provides additional security.

Protection guaranteed: The connector provides a fully configured, ready-to-use SpamAssassin. You can even train your spam filter with wanted (ham) and unwanted (spam) emails and teach it to recognize spam mail even more precisely. In the Enterprise Edition of SmartPOP2Exchange the powerful ClamAV keeps your inbox safe from viruses

Faster processing: emails from different accounts are now downloaded in parallel threads - a real time-saver!


But SmartPOP2Exchange offers more: The integrated scheduler enables you to define when emails shall be downloaded from your accounts. Keep your weekends free of work-related emails or set a certain time aside to browse
through offers and infomails.

A flexible rule system processes your emails for you, while blacklists keep unwanted senders out. Automation can save valuable time - and let's be honest: You have better things
to do than sort through your inbox, haven't you?

Test SmartPOP2Exchange free of charge for 30 days! Want to do some reading? Check out our website!

 ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition V9.0 - new opportunities for your applications

Version 9 of the ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition comes with great improvements and two versatile new controls. They will greatly improve the usabilty of your user interface - without requiring a single line of additional code.

Breadcrumb-Bar_ShellBrowserDelphi.png  Integrate the breadcrumb bar known from the Windows Explorer into your application for easy navigation between folders and subfolders with the TJamShellBreadcrumbBar.

 The TJamFilePreview component connects your application to the preview handlers and enables users to see the content of files without opening them.

Download and test the ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition for a free 30 day trial today or visit our website to find all the information you need. 

 CyberMonday 2013 - sitewide sale: 13 % off!

It's this time of the year again... JAM Software celebrates CyberMonday 2013 with a special coupon. Use it and get 13% off of any purchase (valid November 29th till December 3, 2013; not valid for MS SQL Server or hardware):


To redeem your coupon, simply enter it in the shopping cart before checkout. There are no limits: you can use the code for as many products as you like!

Need some inspiration where to use your coupon? Here goes... 

SmartSerialMail | SmartPOP2Exchange | TreeSize | ShellBrowser Components Delphi |
Exchange Server Toolbox | ServerSentinel | SpaceObServer | ShellBrowser Components .NET

Hint: You are welcome to share the code with your colleagues and friends.


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