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December 2015


+++ Happy Holidays +++ Dark Data: Companies guilty of data hoarding +++
+++ Scan mobile devices with TreeSize Free +++ Secure email backup +++ Better email marketing - that's how it works +++


Dear customers,


2015 draws to an end, but it's not over yet!

In the lasts months of the year we have given it our all and are proud to present new developments.

The Veritas Databerg Report: Companys hoard useless data
Clean up Server Space with SpaceObServer v5.3!

Scan smartphones and mobile devices via WebDAV or MTP: 
TreeSize Free v3.4

Email archive compliant with strict archiving laws:
Exchange Server Toolbox v5.3

Better email marketing - save now:
SmartSerialMail v7.2

Visit us at www.jam-software.com! Read more about our software and download our freeware! 

You have questions, ideas, or feedback? You can reach us at sales@jam-software.com! Looking forward to hearing from you.

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season
and remain with the best wishes from Trier,


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)



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 Companies Waste Money - SpaceObServer Puts a Stop to Data Hoarding 

Disk space is a precious good - this was true ten years ago and even though cheap cloud space is offered on every street corner, the credo remains true today.

The disk space experts of Veritas Technologies have asked global players how their companies store and manage their data. The 2015 study shows: Up to 66% of stored data is "dark data" - nobody knows what the files and folders contain.

Storing potentially redundant data does not only eat up disk space, it might also pose dangers. Valuable information might be buried somewhere in the hidden corners of archives, non-compliant data might contain unseen business risks lurking in corporate IT systems.

The solution: proactive disk space management. Make sure you know which users store data on your servers and find out what kind of data is shoveled on to the ever-growing data bergs.

SpaceObServer enables you to track and analyze server space usage. Keep an eye on your data - save money and keep your company safe!

Test SpaceObServer version 5.3 today oder learn more.

 Disk Space Management on Mobile Devices: TreeSize Free v3.4

There's a sad truth each smartphone user has to face one day: Device and SD card space fills up fast. The perpetrators are not only apps - downloaded images, locally saved playlists and videos do their best to eat up available space.

Your app management will show you how much space each app requires, but it will not inform you about files and folders. Mobile devices are not recognized as drives when connected to computers, so disk space managers cannot access them. TreeSize Free changes everything!

Scan Mobile Devices via MTP

Smartphones use the Media Transfer Protocol to connect to computers. TreeSize utilizes this interface to scan your mobile device. See at a glance which folder eats up your precious card space.

Scan Android Devices via WebDAV

Your smartphone is connected to the WLAN anyway - simply download a WebDAV app, start it, enter the IP address assigned to your device in TreeSize Free and start the scan.

You are using TreeSize Professional? Don't worry, we'll include the feature in an upcoming release.

Download TreeSize Free (no registration required) or see what our freeware has to offer.

 Secure Email Archive: The Exchange Server Toolbox v5.3

Exchange-Server-Toolbox_GoBD-zertifiziert.pngIt's official: The Exchange Server Toolbox complies to the very strict German email archiving laws. The renowned public auditor QUADRILOG GmbH has checked our Exchange Server plugin. The result: The Exchange Server Toolbox provides a secure email archive.

Find additional information on our website.

Not only will the Exchange Server Toolbox backup your important emails, it also comes with an Outlook add-in enabling you to search the archive and train emails as spam.

It goes without saying that the Exchange Server Toolbox supports the Windows Exchange Server 2016.

Test the Exchange Server Toolbox or learn more

 Improves Tracking and individualized Attachments: SmartSerialMail v7.2

Email marketing has never been this easy. SmartSerialMail v 7.2 offers:

Idividualized Attachments
Create personalized attachments directly in SmartSerialMail! You wand to send out coupons and special offers? Address your customers personally and tailor your offers to your customers' interests.

Use your Office 365 Account
You work with an office 365 account, any Exchange Server, or a Hosted Exchange and want to use it to send out your newsletters? Simply use SmartSerialMail in combination with the Exchange Web Services (or EWS)!

Use Placeholders to Personalize Emails
Combine placeholders and create complex combinations. Use your customer data to the full extent and have SmartSerialMail select the correct salutation for each contact.

Connect Tracking Solutions
You use Google Analytics or Piwik to track your campaigns' successes? Great! SmartSerialMail will help you manage tracking parameters and visualizes all relevant data in easy-to-read charts.

Learn more or download your free trial version today! 

Save 15% when buying SmartSerialMail! Simply enter the following coupon code during the checkout process:


(Valid December 16 2015 til December 31 2016 only for SmartSerialMail)


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