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December 2016


+++ JAM Software: New outfit in 2017 +++ Email marketing with SmartSerialMail +++
+++ SpaceObServer v6 coming up: exclusive preview +++
+++ ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition released+++
+++ Malware year 2016: a retrospective+++


Dear customers,


Maybe you have noticed the signs on our website: JAM Software will change its look. Learn more about the upcoming renovations in this newsletter. Today's topics:

JAM Software is about to change:
New website and CI redesign in 2017

Malware on the rise: Crypto Trojans in 2016
Malware year 2016: Better protection

Exclusive Preview: 
SpaceObServer v6 will be released

Easy, secure, fast:
Email marketing with SmartSerialMail

New properties and many improvements:
ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition v5.4

You are looking for information or want to test our software? Visit us at www.jam-software.com

Questions, tips, or requests? We are looking forward to your email to sales@jam-software.com.

We wish you a happy holiday season and a great start in 2017!

With best wishes from Trier


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)


 JAM Software: new CI

 Malware Protection



 ShellBrowser .NET



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 2017: JAM Software Changes its Look - new Website, Redesigned CI

It was about time: Come spring 2017 we will present JAM Software's new outfit!

The changes will include:

  • new company logo
  • redesigned product icons
  • a new and improved website

You'll find our new logo on our website (and in this newsletter). We're looking forward to showing off our new look in 2017, but the preparations will take some more time. Good things, however, will come to those who wait.

If you don't want to wait for great news, we have a little something to use right now: Join us in our end of year sale!

Enter the code DEZ-2016 in your shopping cart and save 10%.  

(valid until Dec 31, 2016; not for MS SQL Server/hardware.)

 Malware and Blackmail - 2016: The Year of the Crypto Trojan

The German BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) has presented its yearly report on The State of IT Security in Germany and the bottom line is a grim one: More emails than ever before are used to spread malware.

According to the BSI report  about 380,000 new versions of known malware were discovered daily; more than 560 million different malware variants were circulating.

The ransomware Locky gained notoriety, many victims paid a ransom in bitcoins in the hope the blackmailers would enable them to decrypt the files held hostage by the malware. The most common way victims were infected: The email.

Good News

JAM Software offers three products that will help you protect your inbox. Boost your Exchange Server's immune system and improve your malware protection with:

Make sure your inbox is safe - today as well as in 2017.

 New Interface and Many New Features: SpaceObServer v6 is on it's way

It won't be long now: The release of SpaceObServer version 6 draws near. Version 6 of the database-based disk space manager offers new and improved features and a completely redesigned user interface.

Store Access Permissions in the Database 

SpaceObServer v6 will store Access Control Lists (ACL) in its database. This enables you to filter data according to user names and permission type.

New Interface

The new user interface features the ribbon look and improves usability. Access known features much faster thanks to easy navigation!

Lear more about SpaceObServer version 6 on our website. Want to test version 5? Download the free trial version today!

 Better Email Marketing: SmartSerialMail Spreads Holiday Cheer! 

It's the time of the season for holiday greetings and special offers... With SmartSerialMail your emails will not only reach their recipients - they will also look perfect doing so.

Create serial emails and newsletters with our clever email marketing software and send out e-blasts to connect with your customers.

Address your customers with their names, automatically create tailor-made offers for each customer, or simply attach a personalized coupon to your email!

Start your free trial or learn more.

 Faster and Better: ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition v5.4

The ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition version 5.4 have been released. In addition to further performance improvements the .NET controls offer an enhanced ShellTreeView component.

Use the new "MultipleRoots" property to show more than one root node in ShellTreeView.

You want to try out our components? We offer all sample projects as precompiled downloads.

Learn more or test ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition v5.4 for free

Hint: Working in Delphi? Simply use the ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition!


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