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You have certainly already noticed it with the design of our newsletter: something is going on at JAM Software! Besides many great product updates we celebrate the relaunch of our website. It offers you now much more comfort and a better overview when surfing and looking up certain information - especially on mobile devices. Would you like to give us your feedback? We would be more than happy! Write us at

And these are our topics for you today:

New scan targets and more languages for SpaceObServer:
The current version scans Amazon S3 Storage and supports another 5 languages

Cross-platform monitoring soon possible:
The upcoming ServerSentinel release supports Linux/Unix monitoring and offers much more

Adress bar for ShellBrowser WPF developers:
The ShellBrowser WPF Components feature a new component "ShellAddressBar"

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Season's Greetings and
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Current Product Releases:

All Product Updates

New scan targets and more languages for SpaceObServer: 
The new version scans Amazon S3 Storage and supports additional 5 languages

No matter how much storage space you have at your disposal, sooner or later it will be running out. Many are looking for a solution in the cloud and are outsourcing their data to Amazon S3 object storage, for example. But here, too, the space limit is at some point reached and beyond that costs money. The new version of SpaceObServer provides a solution and analyzes Amazon S3 cloud storage in addition to Windows, Linux and Exchange servers.
You get a detailed overview of the storage space distribution on all storage resources and can decide which files you still need and which you can directly delete or move.
Your colleagues in Spain would rather use SpaceObServer in Spanish? Our Server Space Manager is now available in German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Slovenian.

You don't know the powerful Server Space Manager yet?

The SpaceObServer add-on, SpaceObServer Web Access, was recently also updated and comes with some great new features. Now you can directly start scans via the add-on and decide who gets the corresponding rights.

Coming soon:   Monitoring across operating systems and fitting for your needs
The upcoming ServerSentinel release supports Linux/Unix monitoring and offers much more

Anyone who is responsible for the security and performance of the corporate IT infrastructure knows how important it is to have a holistic solution that keeps an eye on the entire network as well as on all components and systems. With the upcoming ServerSentinel 5.0 version, we offer a high-performance and flexible tool that not only monitors your Windows systems, but also Unix and Linux systems from a single central point and reacts to any irregularities immediately.

In addition, the new version provides two editions, allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your needs.

 Adress bar for ShellBrowser WPF developers:
The ShellBrowser WPF Components feature a new component "ShellAddressBar"

You develop under WPF and want to integrate into your app functions you know from Windows Explorer? The ShellBrowser WPF Components offer you a comprehensive range of native Explorer Shell components for your WPF application. With the new component "ShellAddressBar" you can now easily integrate the address bar into your application.

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