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I am using sql express and it reaches the 4g database limit. I 'm not sure how to shrink the database size. What can I do ?

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It is possible to compress the allocated space of the database, in MS Access as well as in MS SQL Server. In MS Access you can compress and repair a selected database file using Tools / Database Service Programs / Compress and Repair Database. You can reduce the allocated space of an MS SQL Server database with the SQL-Statement "DBCC SHRINKDATABASE()". SpaceObServer executes this automatically in regular intervals. You can also customize the maximal size of the Transaction Log file of your MS SQL Server database with the Enterprise Manager. Open the 'Properties ' dialog (right click on the database) and select the 'Transaction Log ' tab. Note: If you 'Restrict file growth ' of the Transaction Log do not use the 'Full Recovery Mode ' ( 'Options ' tab / Recovery Model) for this database. In this mode you can not perform any modifying operations on the database if the maximal size of the Transaction Log is reached.