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If I send an email from hotmail to, and, it comes into our global account and then is downloaded by the SmartPOP2Exchange, but it delivers the email to but not to the others.My log files has the following information:Sleeping for 179 secondsDelivered 1 message(s) successful and deleted them on serverStarting download of message 1 (2.49 KB) from ' 'Delivering mail 1 with subject 'Another test email .... please ignore .... ' to ' 'Apply rules to mail 1 with subject 'Another test email .... please ignore .... 'Processing POP3 account ' ' on Server ' ' (account: 'Global ')Sleeping for 179 secondsI have got the Mail Backup check and "Replicate mails for each receipient in TO and CC of the destination domain (for catch all) " checked as well so why this is not working is very weird.Is there anything I can find out what is causing this issue?

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It depends on where you put the mail addresses. If you use CC it should be OK, but when using BCC they may get lost.
See Catch-All accounts