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I installed SmartPOP2Exchange on my Exchange 2003 server. I use a catch-all POP3 account. I have got two problems:a. When I enabled the account to get the mail from the POP3 mailbox (on the Internet) and I send mail to e.g. (SMTP on my local domain) my POP3 fills with the same message every minute over-and-over again. Until I disable the account in SmartPOP2Exchange.b. The SmartPOP2Exchange seems to be downloading the messages, but no messages are delivered to the user mailbox on the local network.

Answer / Solution

This sounds like you entered the wrong server in the SMTP settings of SmartPOP2Exchange.
The server to be entered there is NOT the SMTP of your provider (this would create a loop). It 's the receiving SMTP/Exchange Server of your local network.