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I’ve imported from a Excel sheet a list which shall distinguish between three salutation possibilities : male, female and undetermined. I want the software to generate the following salutations :Dear Mr John Doe (for male)Dear Mrs Jane Doe (or female)Dear art lover (in any other case)Is this possible ?

Answer / Solution

There is no possibility forperforming this kind of rule application in SmartSerialMail yet. But there isanother way to achieve the desired result :>!--[if !supportLists]---         >!--[endif]--open theExcel spreadsheet in Excel;>!--[if !supportLists]---         >!--[endif]--Chooseunder menu "Edit" the "Replace" function, and replace ‘male’with ‘Dear Mr. John Doe’, etc.>!--[if !supportLists]---         >!--[endif]--Store yourlist under a different name (if you want to keep the original list);>!--[if !supportLists]---         >!--[endif]--StartSmartSerialMail;>!--[if !supportLists]---         >!--[endif]--Right-clickon the list of recipients and choose "Adda new column".>!--[if !supportLists]---         >!--[endif]--Name thiscolumn, e.g. "Salutation">!--[if !supportLists]---         >!--[endif]--Importyour new list>!--[if !supportLists]---         >!--[endif]--Insert the tags %Salutatuion% %First_name% %Last_name% in the proper spaces of yourmail.>/pThat should do.