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My company has around 70 pop3 gmail accounts. We are currently running popcon to collect the mails and forward them to exchange server mailboxes. As the process of collecting mail is done sequentially, and the mail delivery is only done at the end of each cycle, mail can take over an hour to be delivered.We are looking for an alternative…Does your product check pop3 acounts sequentially or simultainiously?Does it deliver direct to mailboxes in Exchange?

Answer / Solution

SmartPOP2Exchangedoes also checks one account after the other (POP3/IMAP). But after the download messages from one account are processed parallel (including sending to your SMTP/ExchangeServer).You can set different intervals for checking on each account and set the maximum number of messages to be downloaded from on account. that way you can prefer certain accounts by setting a smaller interval and setting the maximum number of messages to e.g. 10 will affect that SmartPOP2Exchange does not neglect any account further down in the account list.