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I have a number of servers in my database that get scanned by SpaceObServer.One thing I would really like to do is, for example, perform a search across all scanned servers for a certain file type and get a list back which tells me the full path, including the server name. Also it would be good to be able to run, say, a file type report against all scanned servers. Is this something that is possible?At the moment I have to open up each "scanned directory " and run a report against each server.

Answer / Solution

I 'm sorry, but it is notpossible to report result for more than one root by now.
We plan to implement a "grouped root" for a further version, whichenables you to do this.What you can do right nowis to open all your directories (manually or via command line) and thenactivate your file search. The search filter will be applied to all directories.You then have to select one by one root and generate the single reports.