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I have seen the feature "Set Database for Root ". The description of this function is a little confusing. Does it mean that I can set all the scan outputs to go to another database, and then I can connect to that database and run reports that aggregate all the figures across all of the scans? So, for example, if I have 20 scans all set with the option, I can then run a report for, say, the top users and see the results across all of the scans?

Answer / Solution

You can use this option to store the file system sizes of the selected directories in a different databaseon the connected SQL server. This way the collected information of different directory branches can be easily separated and the access permissions to these data are configurable through the database access rights.You do not have to reconnect to the second database to see the scanned information. SpaceObServer itself knows where to find it and opens a second connection to this database.This does not mean that the information of all scans are stored in the same tables, so you cannot use this option to merge information of multiple scans. So the answer to your questionis: No.