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I set up the POP2Exchange software, but with one person I made a mistake in the email address on the exchange server.The address was correct on the POP3 server we are pulling the email from, but rather than being first initial last name (for example RHill, for Roger Hill), this one user has just his first name (Roger).The software has now successfully downloaded all the mail from the POP3 server, and there are no entries in the logs or anywhere else that I can find about it not being able to forward on the email to the correct recipient.Needless to say, this mistake has been rectified, so all mail that is now being sent is working properly. My question is this: How do I deliver the mail that was pulled from the POP3 server and sent to an incorrect, missing, email address?

Answer / Solution

If there are no error messages in the log of SmartPOP2Exchange then SmartPOP2Exchange successfully forwarded all messages from the POP3 server to the appropriate mail address you entered in the SMTP settings. (if not catch-all account)So there are three possibilities:
1. allmails are in your Exchange Server in that wrong mailbox 
 - then you may just move that mail insideyour Exchange Server from that wrong mailbox to the mailbox of the desired user(e.g. by including that wrong mailbox in the outlook of the user and drag-dropmails) 
 - or you make POP3 available for that wrong mailbox and pull the mails from there using SmartPOP2Exchange
2. your ExchangeServer is configured to accept all mails and throw mails away with invalidrecipient addresses.  
 - then your mails are lost if you did notuse the backup function (to save all mails as eml files on hard disk)
3. your ExchangeServer is configured to allow SmartPOP2Exchange relaying.  
 - then you may not know where your mails aregone because the Exchange Server may have relayed (fowarded) all of them to somewhere.