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Why does the Windows "Properties" dialog shows more used space on the drives than SpaceObServer?

Answer / Solution

The Windows"Properties" dialog in the Windows Explorer shows the physically allocatedspace on a drive and SpaceObServer shows the space occupied by all files withina given path.Beyond space that is needed for storing thefiles itself, additional space is used for storing management data like theFile Allocation Table of the file system or the boot sector. This is usually0.5-2% of the occupied space. Anotherpossibility is that you are using Software RAID, like Windows NT/2000 offers,which spreads the data with redundancy over several disks. These disks willappear as one logical volume and the failure of a single disk will not causeany data loss. But for storing the redundant information, additional space isneeded. If a networkdrive points only to a subfolder of a servers drive, the allocated space(correctly) reported by SpaceObServer may also be much smaller than thephysically allocated space on this drive reported by Windows Explorer, becausepossibly not the whole drive is accessible through the network. Anotherpossibility is that not all parts of the drive could be scanned due to securityrestrictions. So you will see only parts of a drive in the results. If the SpaceObServerListener system servicestarts with the default settings, you will always have appropriate rights toscan local drives, but this does not hold true for scanning network drives.