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How can I do a log-in of the system service under a different user name?

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Open the Windows systemdialog "Services" under System/Maintenance/Administration/Services Look for the SpaceObServerListener in the list oflocal services and stop it.Right-click to the SpaceObServerListener and choose Properties from the context menu Choose the tab "Log-in" and change the setting under "Log-in as" from "Local account" to "Useraccount: ".Please enter now therequired log-in information (user name, password) for a user account withsufficient access rights on the network drive you want to scan.Restart the SpaceObServerListener service.>p If you use the Windows Authentication for securing your databaseconnection, please make sure that the logged in user account running theservice has sufficient access rights for the database.>p style= "margin-left: 36pt; text-indent: -18pt; "