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What can I do to enhance the scan performance of SpaceObserver ? We use MSDE2000 as a database server and during the scan the sqlserver.exe consumes habitually more than 50% of CPU cycles (PIV-3GHz) as well as more than 1 GB RAM. I did reference tests with TreeSize, and it scanned the same directories up to 20 to 30 times faster.

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There are several possibilitiesto enhance the scan performance StoringScan results performs best, if you use a SQL server database, esp. an MS SQLserver database. MS Access should always be second choice when you are in forfastest performance.Localscans are way faster than scans over a network. We advise to installSpaceObServer on every client and to scan locally. You can remote controlSpaceObServer and do your data mining with theSpaceObServer-Client-Application.Thebottle neck of the whole system is the SQL server, so we recommend to use apowerful computer as server computer. 2-3 GB RAM and a fast processor ismandatory for a heavy loaded database server. Althoughit is possible to tweak the database performance by adjusting certain indicesand stats, we can not recommend it, because the database is optimized forsupporting all functions of SpaceObserver. Tweaking the database would(possibly) result in faster scans, but at the costs of a decreased efficiencyin recalling and administration.  Comparedto TreeSize, SpaceObServer scans seem to be inferior in terms of scan speed.But SpaceObServer can access archived file system information much faster andoffers a wider range of filtering options for a more detailed file search. Allover that, you can do all this remotely from another computer. Themain question is : What program suits your needs most? A small help in findingan answer could be this summarising table