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We need some help with the following questions:1) In TreeSize File Search under the Tools option, is there a way to list individual files in the "Drives and Paths to Include " section?2) Is there a way to add directories not currently found on the server?3) Is there a way to copy the above list to other units?

Answer / Solution

1) The "Drives and Paths to Include" are the drives and directories that will be searched. To search for individual files please activate the "Custom Search" type and add the file names on the "Names" tab of the custom file search.

2) To search directories not present in the "Drives and Paths to Include" section please add them using the buttons below the list.

3) Currently you can only copy the contents of the drives panel of the TreeSize main application. But we will add this feature to the TreeSize file search in V5.2 as well.