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how can i schedule a job so that it can automatically deletes the files in a specific directory which are older than one year.

Answer / Solution

First open the TreeSizeFile Search and configure your search. In your case you should use the "OldestFiles" Search or the "Custom Search" search for files by their last change datein absolute date (Oldest Files), or interval in days (Custom Search).Note: Do not select anydirectories to scan in the "Scan Options"!Than save the searchoptions via "File > Save Search Options" (e.g.:"C:\TreeSizeSearch\older_1_year_search_option.xml")Now use the TreeSize TaskScheduler ("Tools > Schedule TreeSize Task"), enter the paths tosearch in at "Path to scan" (e.g.: "C:\" "D:\")and select "Start TreeSize File Search", "Use saved searchoptions: " and "Move Search resultto: Recycle Bin".