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I had ask this question many times but not solved.Several month ago i installing smartpop2exchange unlimited on my customer 's exchange 2003 server.They complaining not receive some emails.Then I create a filter to copy all received emails to backup folder.Now, i know that smartpop2exchange cannot deliver email that have CC address. That email goes to backup folder, but not deliver to the user.

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I suppose you are talking about a catch-all account.(see As there does no standard exist for handling catch-all account every nearlyprovider has a different behavior on its pop3/imap catch-all accounts.
So SmartPOP2Exchange is implemented to work with most providers. For getting the destination address in your AD SmartPOP2Exchange needs to parse the header fields of each mail it downloadsfrom the pop3 catch-all account.Therefore it examines the following headers:
[ 'Received: ' ... 'for ']
[ 'envelope address ']
[ 'X-Envelope-To ']
[ 'Envelope-To ']
[ 'delivered-To ']
[ 'RCPT-To ']
[ 'X-RCPT-TO ']
Depending on the server your mail was sent through its headers are different. Additionally your catch-all account provider adds headers to the mail.These headers are very often wrong. (e.g. some add thename of the catch-all pop3 account as X-original-to address)
It 's hard to say why SmartPOP2Exchange could not extract a mail address from a mail without knowing its headers. In general with recommend not to use catch-all accountsas there are some constellations where mails get lost which can 't be fixed withany pop3-connector.