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I 'm trying to scan a directory to find excel files with their use date attributes and their file paths. My intent is to send the results to excel for analysis (trying to cleanup the directory).In the screens, I can see file names, but not with the paths. I 've tried exporting to excel, setting the export function to include the fields I need, but all I get in the export are folders - no file detail. I 've tried doing a global search, saving that as a txt file and parsing in excel, which gives me the filenames and paths, but with all the work parsing, I 'm not saving any time. How can I get an excel listing of filenames with attributes and the full network path?

Answer / Solution

With the TreeSize File Search please perform a custom search for the Excel files in question.  You have now 2 easy options to get the results to Excel:

1. Press Ctrl+A to select all results, the right click on the results and choose to copy them to clipboard. You can now paste them to an Excel sheet.

2. Choose to save the search results and select the CSV-format. This can be opened in Excel by double clicking on it.

If you are performing this search frequently, you should save the search options. You can then even automate this process using the command line options of TreeSize.

We will add the ability to export the search results to a native Excel file in TreeSize V5.2.