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We have SpaceObServer server installed on multiple file servers throughout our company. We have set scheduled scans, configuring the "home server " for each box to be itself (so every machine scans only its own content). Here is our problem: serverA will actually be the one running the scan of serverB, even though serverA is its own home server.

Answer / Solution

You can configure each scan to be executed by a certain server. You can do this in the Configure Scans dialog ("Scan > Configure Scans) by choosing "Expert Settings > Set Observing Server" in the right click menu.
The "Observing Server" is set by default to the server name that added the new Scan. If the "Observing Server" is set (not blank), only this server will execute scans for this root directory, no matter from with client or schedule job the scan was triggered. You can also enter more than one server name. The names have to be separated with semicolon (";") only