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Is it - or will it be - possible to apply a kind of folder-filter to TreeSize, so I can have TreeSize recurse only the (1. level) subfolders that the filter specifies?If I have a folder with many subfolders, fx. roaming userprofiles or redirected My Documents folders (fx. D:\Profiles\ or D:\Redirected\MyDocuments\) each with fx. 5000 subfolders (one for each user in the domain), I would like to make TreeSize recurse only selected subfolders, fx. all the users starting with a specific text.Lets say I have 5000 users whose username consists of 2 parts, the first part nominates a location and the second part his initials (fx. dknira (for DenmarK NIcolaj RAsmussen) or dejoma (DEutschland Joachim Marder). I want a TreeSize report of all the Danish users (starting with DK). I can add D:\Profiles\DK* but this will add every folder to TreeSize (giving me a report of each individual folder) rather than giving me a complete report containing all the folders. I could add D:\Profiles\ but this will give me a report of ALL profiles and the numbers and diagrams will be skewed and contain many more data than I want.I want to add D:\Profiles\ but with a filter that will only read the subfolders that starts with DK*.I hope I make sense.Can it be done - or will you consider it for a future release?

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TreeSize supports wildcards on the path where it starts scanning, e.g. D:\Profiles\DK* All matching paths will be scanned separately, but they can be merged together again using "Tools " > "Group All Scans in a Virtual Root " The upcoming V5.2 of TreeSize will have an extended exclude filter, that allows full path with wildcards, e.g. D:\Profiles\DE*. If you are a registered customer, I can provide a pre-release of this version.