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I just started to use SmartPOP2Exchange, and so far I am quite happy. I have a question about global rules: I can only copy an e-mail based on the rules, but looks like I cannot redirect it.This way I get the same e-mail twice in two different folder. Let me clearify it a little more: I have a POP3 account and I use SmartPOP2Exchange to download and forward it to a public folder. But I want to divert some of the e-mails came to this POP3 account to another public folder by using global folders. But the only option I have in global folders is to CC the e-mailto the second public folder. This way I get one copy of the same e-mail in original folder and one copy in second public folder. Is there a way to fix this issue?

Answer / Solution

When using the "Send copy to [...]" rule you simply can disable the option "Sent copy to SMTP accounts e-mail". Then the mail will be redirected (not copied) to the specifies mail address and the original recipient will not receive it.