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One of my clients that has your product just recently migrated servers and now I am having trouble setting up smartpop2exchange on their server. I had it running without any problems on a server 2008 machine with exchange 2007. However, I now am having problems setting it up in the exchange 2007 environment. From what I can tell, it keeps trying to send the messages for a long time until it finally works. What are the suggested settings for exchange 2007 for smartpop2exchange to work? I can also send you my logs if that would help.

Answer / Solution

SmartPOP2Exchange works with any SMTP server. There are no Exchange Server specific or ExchangeServer version specific settings you can do in SmartPOP2Exchange.The only thing you need to take care about is to configure your SMTP / Exchange Serverin in a way that it accepts mails via SMTP like it would receive your mail directly from the internet. A short startup for configuring your Exchange Server you can find in the help of SmartPOP2Exchange.