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We need to automate a report including type of file (extension based) per sub folder.We may do it manually by clicking each home folder but as we have 1000+ home folde, this is not affordable.A way to address this ?

Answer / Solution

You canuse the SpaceObServer OLE Automation interface (See: Help file > section OLE Automation) to automate SpaceObServerexports by your own scripts or executable. You canalso use the "SpaceObserverCmdLineParser.exe" to do this. E.g.:SpaceObServerCmdLineParser.exe/EXTENSIONSLIST "C:\Reprots\C_file_types_share1.csv""\Server1\share1"SpaceObServerCmdLineParser.exe/EXTENSIONSLIST "C:\Reprots\C_file_types_share2.csv""\Server1\share2"...