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I have been using SmartMail for a couple months now. Is there a checker to show if my email is seen as spam?

Answer / Solution

No, this is not possible.Whether a mail is declared as spam or not can't be determined before sending. Spamfilters examine several properties of a mail to decide if it is spam or not. And at the end it is the configuration of the spam filter which is deciding. But there are some points you may regard, click here for further reference.

There are certain things you should keep in mind to minimize the risk of being accused of spamming:

  1. Only send to recipients who have stated that they want to receive mail from you.
  2. Make sure, you are not blacklisted as SPAM source.
  3. Avoid content, that is typical for SPAM – e.g. Images only, texts with keywords like Viagra, upper case subject lines, etc
  4. Keep your lists clean – i.e. remove bounced mail addresses and unsubscriptions
  5. Keep the mail simple and avoid to complex html, flash or scripts in your mail.