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I installed and noticed that some of the emails are not getting tagged with "SPAM " in the subject. I did not turn off Intelligent Message Filter on Exchange. Should I turn off Intelligent Message Filter?
Also, what is the best way to a .eml back to the recipient if it is a false positive email? If I send it again it gets caught by the spam filter again.

Answer / Solution

The ExchangeServer Toolbox "works before" the IMF. So if you like to use IMF together with the Exchange Server Toolbox it 's ok. The SpamAssassin used by the Exchange Server Toolbox adds mail headers to every scanned mail and the spam report to the event log . So if you have false positives you should have a look at the mail header or in the log of the Exchange Server Toolbox which SpamAssassin spam rules matched on that mail and should train the bayes filter. Eml files from the backup can easily be "send" to the Exchange Server again by using the Exchange Server Pickup folder. Where you can find the pickup folder depends on the Exchange Server version you use and its configuration.See: Microsoft Technet