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I had two questions. 1. Can Treesize Professional search by groups of machines? multiple unc path search. I want to be able to search without adding every unc path of a workstation. 2. Can the "Import Scan " feature work to import the multiple UNC search in File Search?

Answer / Solution

1. You can search all shares of a remote machine by entering the unc path of the machine only, e.g \machinename. You canb search all shares of all members of a domain by entering the UNC path of the domain, e.g. \domainnane.

2. No. But you may supply the paths to bea search at the command line of TreeSize. Please see the chapter "Command Line Options" in the help file for details, here is a simple example: TreeSize.exe /SEARCH SearchOptions.XML path1 path2 path3 ...