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Does TreeSize track/count the depth of the scanned files and folders?

Answer / Solution

TreeSize tracks the directory and file depth and assigns it to a property called 'Dir Level'.You can view the level for any folder or file in the 'Details' view.To activate the column, right click on the column header of the details view and click 'Dir Level'. If you need to filter a scan result for a specific directory or file level, you can use the Excel export from TreeSize.Before exporting, make sure the 'Dir Level' column is activated in the options menu of TreeSize for Excel reports.To do this, go to Tools > Options >  Columns/Export and set the 'Visible Columns of' to 'Excel'.In the list below, look for the 'Dir Level' entry and check it. After scanning the system you can now use the 'File > Export > Export to Excel' button to create an Excel file that contains the scan data. With the filter features of Excel, you can now filter for any criteria.