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When exporting a scan result to Excel, everytime I export data the precedent data are replaced by the last export. How can I have multiple exports in the same Excel file?

Answer / Solution

By default, TreeSize will ask for a file name, every time an Excel report is created. If the file from a previous export is selected, the data will be overwritten.

If you would like TreeSize to create an Excel sheet for each export, you need to define a "Default Export File". This can be done either in the Options of TreeSize (Tools -> Options -> Columns/Export -> Excel Export -> Default Export File") or in the corresponding export dialog (File -> Export -> Export to Excel -> "Always use this filename and add a new sheet when exporting").

When the default file was defined, you can simply go to "File -> Export -> Export to Excel" and TreeSize will add the current scan data to its own Excel sheet, using the default export file.

Please note that this is not required when using the command line options of TreeSize. If an Excel report is created using a command line option (e.g. TreeSize.exe /EXCEL "D:\MyReport.xls" D:\), an Excel sheet will be appended if the file "MyReport.xls" already exists. Please refer to our online manual for more information about the available TreeSize command line options: