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ShellBrowser .NET Components

Question / Problem

I have installed the ShellBrowser .Net Edition components to a network drive, I get an error if I try to create a project whenever I add one of these components to a Form. Why doesn't that work?

Answer / Solution

The .NET Framework has security features enabled by default which permit to open libraries or programs from a network share.

If you like to use programs or libraries from a network share you need to set the permissions accordingly. For a developer system it would be ok to set the "Permission Set" of My Computer/Runtime Security Policy/Machine/Code Groups/All_Code/LocalIntranet_Zone in the .NET Framework Configuration to "FullTrust".
To set up a correct security profile otherwise, please consult a system administrator if you plan to deploy your application to network drives.

Note that this only applies to .NET versions below 4.0, as the security model in .NET 4.0 has been significantly changed. See for details.