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How can I extend the background context menu of the ShellListView with additional items, is it possible hide default items?

Answer / Solution

Have a look at the JamExplorer example, here we override the BackgroundContextMenu class and add an additional ToolStripMenuItem in the SetupMenuItem method. To hide a default item, you can simply set its Visibility property, see the API of the BackgroundContextMenu class to get an overview of the defined Properties.

class MyBackgroundContextMenu : BackgroundContextMenu {
   protected override void SetupMenuItems() {
      Items.Add(new ToolStripMenuItem("My Additional Item"));
      //hide a default item:
      this.Actualize.Visible = false;
public partial class JamExplorerMain : Form {
   public JamExplorerMain() {
      shellListView1.BackgroundContextMenu =
        new MyBackgroundContextMenu();