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Question / Problem

TreeSize 6.3.7 or newer does not start, crashes immediately, or cannot be installed on Windows 10.

Answer / Solution

These type of problems can occur, if the option "Force randomization for images" (mandatory ASLR) in Windows Defender is enabled, which overrides application specific settings.Activating this setting will disregard the compatibility information of the application and can cause the application to crash immediatly, or not start at all, as is the case with TreeSize.

To fix this, you can either disable this feature completely, or add TreeSize as exception to your ruleset in Windows Defender:

Open Windows Defender Security center and navigate to "App & browser control > "Exploit protection > Exploit protection settings". Under "System settings", you can deactivate "Mandatory ASLR", or use "Add program to customize" under "Program Settings", to deactivate this for TreeSize.exe only.

Other security software like Carbon Black may also be blocking Treesize or its installer.