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We've tested successfully the trial version of the Exchange Server Toolbox and want to license your product. Do I have to order and to install a full version (will my settings be kept ?) or can I unlock my already installed trial version to a full version?

Please order the full version through our online shop. If you overwrite your trial version with the full version, your made settings will be kept. This procedure applies as well, if you want to install upgrades of your software.

Is it possible to install this toolbox without the AV?

Because the integrated ClamAV will only be installed as a service and will not be registered in any other way in the system when installing the ExchangeServer Toolbox or SmartPOP2Exchange. So it is not necessary to avoid installing it. If you don 't like to use the integrated ClamAV just turn off the option/rule and the service will be disabled. You may also use ClamAV additionally to your installed AV.

I installed the ExchangeServerToolbox demo and have been pretty impressed so far. One question: I get an error when I set mail to be backed up or copied to a folder. The error shows up in the event log as "System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'Z:\mail\High Filter\2008-02-06 '. "How can I get around this?

If your drive Z: is a mapped network drive you may enter the UNC path instead (\machine\mail\HighFilter) in the backup options.