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How do I set the maximum message size for download? I can 't see attachment size limits anywhere?A lot of my messages are being blocked from being recieved because they have exceeded the message limit.

SmartPOP2Exchange does not have any size limitation.The error you get "maximum message size exceeded" is from your Exchange/SMTPServer which does refuses the mail of SmartPOP2Exchange. You need to adjust that limit in your Exchange/SMTP Server.

One of my clients that has your product just recently migrated servers and now I am having trouble setting up smartpop2exchange on their server. I had it running without any problems on a server 2008 machine with exchange 2007. However, I now am having problems setting it up in the exchange 2007 environment. From what I can tell, it keeps trying to send the messages for a long time until it finally works. What are the suggested settings for exchange 2007 for smartpop2exchange to work? I can also send you my logs if that would help.

SmartPOP2Exchange works with any SMTP server. There are no Exchange Server specific or ExchangeServer version specific settings you can do in SmartPOP2Exchange.The only thing you need to take care about is to configure your SMTP / Exchange Serverin in a way that it accepts mails via SMTP like it would receive your mail directly from the internet. A short startup for configuring your Exchange Server you can find in the help of SmartPOP2Exchange.

I just started to use SmartPOP2Exchange, and so far I am quite happy. I have a question about global rules: I can only copy an e-mail based on the rules, but looks like I cannot redirect it.This way I get the same e-mail twice in two different folder. Let me clearify it a little more: I have a POP3 account and I use SmartPOP2Exchange to download and forward it to a public folder. But I want to divert some of the e-mails came to this POP3 account to another public folder by using global folders. But the only option I have in global folders is to CC the e-mailto the second public folder. This way I get one copy of the same e-mail in original folder and one copy in second public folder. Is there a way to fix this issue?

When using the "Send copy to [...]" rule you simply can disable the option "Sent copy to SMTP accounts e-mail". Then the mail will be redirected (not copied) to the specifies mail address and the original recipient will not receive it.

For several days we have been receiving the warning 'Error on zipping old backup folders: Incomplete Zip File 'What does it mean and how can we solve this ?

The error message means that SmartPOP2Exchange is not able to zip the backup mails ofone day because there is a mail file which can 't be added to the zip. This may be caused of a process locking the file or the filename contains characterswhich are not allowed in a zip file.To solve this problem rename that folder (e.g.: 2008-10-29 --> 2008-10-29NoZip). It should be the oldest not jet zipped folder.

SmartPop2Exchange is not acting so smartly.It is deleting as spam (Global rules apply) an email I need that contains registration details for a website I need to access.Can I retrieve the deleted email or do I need to kill SP2E and get the email resent?

The default spam rule in SmartPOP2Exchange does not delete spam mails, as we don 't recommend to delete spam mails. It is set to tag spam in the subject so the users can set up a rule in their mail clients to filter by that spam tag. As no anti-spam software can be 100% in spam detection there is always the possibility that a good mail (ham mail) may achieve a high spam score and will be treated as spam. If you changed the standard spam rule to delete (Do not deliver) spam mails, those mails are lost as long as you don 't have any backup, like using the backup function of SmartPOP2Exchange. If you are using that function you can search that mail in the backup and resent it using "Tools --> Send EML files" in SmartPOP2Exchange. If you have no backup those mail are finally lost.

I downloaded and installed, all works well, just that it does not deliver to the new mailbox, it says it has though.Is the trial download version restricted in any way ?

No, the demoversion has the same functionality like the 10-account version ofSmartPOP2Exchange.The only changes are - the 10-account version does not have the antivirus (ClamAV) included like the demo - the demo version is restricted to a period of time (30 days) As long as there is no error after the "Delivering…" log entry of SmartPOP2Exchange. SmartPOP2Exchange successfully delivered the mail which means the Exchange Server committed the receipt of the mail. Then you have to search inside your Exchange/SMTP Server where the mails are gone.

I am evaluating this product and am having trouble getting it to deliver email. It keeps giving an error that the SMTP server is reporting insufficient system resources. This of course sounds like a server problem, but this is a test environment with only one mailbox running and there are plenty of resources. I am running this on Windows2008 and Exchange 2007. Any other possibility for what could cause this issue?

This error message is reported by the Exchange Server to SmartPOP2Exchange when SmartPOP2Exchangetries to sent the mail to the Exchange Server.The Exchange Server 2007 needs much resources (like 2GB RAM etc.) especially if you haven 't installed the SP1 the ExchangeServer 2007 requires 4GB free disk space:See

I had ask this question many times but not solved.Several month ago i installing smartpop2exchange unlimited on my customer 's exchange 2003 server.They complaining not receive some emails.Then I create a filter to copy all received emails to backup folder.Now, i know that smartpop2exchange cannot deliver email that have CC address. That email goes to backup folder, but not deliver to the user.

I suppose you are talking about a catch-all account.(see As there does no standard exist for handling catch-all account every nearlyprovider has a different behavior on its pop3/imap catch-all accounts.
So SmartPOP2Exchange is implemented to work with most providers. For getting the destination address in your AD SmartPOP2Exchange needs to parse the header fields of each mail it downloadsfrom the pop3 catch-all account.Therefore it examines the following headers:
[ 'Received: ' ... 'for ']
[ 'envelope address ']
[ 'X-Envelope-To ']
[ 'Envelope-To ']
[ 'delivered-To ']
[ 'RCPT-To ']
[ 'X-RCPT-TO ']
Depending on the server your mail was sent through its headers are different. Additionally your catch-all account provider adds headers to the mail.These headers are very often wrong. (e.g. some add thename of the catch-all pop3 account as X-original-to address)
It 's hard to say why SmartPOP2Exchange could not extract a mail address from a mail without knowing its headers. In general with recommend not to use catch-all accountsas there are some constellations where mails get lost which can 't be fixed withany pop3-connector.

Your Software can download IMAP, but can it syncronize folders IMAP?

No. SmartPOP2Exchange is designed to forward mails from POP3/IMAP accounts to any SMTP/Exchange Server. As SmartPOP2Exchange does use the SMTP protocol for this it does not have direct access to the SMTP/Exchange Server. - It 's unidirectional.

We have recently bought your product "SmartPOP2Exchange ". The product works well en is very stable. However I want request a feature that could be handy for everybody: when downloading the message(s), is it possible to leave the messages on the server for X days, like you can for example with Microsoft Outlook. This means in fact that you always have a backup and that your email is still availble to read it as webmail (via your provider).

Please read the knowledge base article / the manual regarding to this.

I set up the POP2Exchange software, but with one person I made a mistake in the email address on the exchange server.The address was correct on the POP3 server we are pulling the email from, but rather than being first initial last name (for example RHill, for Roger Hill), this one user has just his first name (Roger).The software has now successfully downloaded all the mail from the POP3 server, and there are no entries in the logs or anywhere else that I can find about it not being able to forward on the email to the correct recipient.Needless to say, this mistake has been rectified, so all mail that is now being sent is working properly. My question is this: How do I deliver the mail that was pulled from the POP3 server and sent to an incorrect, missing, email address?

If there are no error messages in the log of SmartPOP2Exchange then SmartPOP2Exchange successfully forwarded all messages from the POP3 server to the appropriate mail address you entered in the SMTP settings. (if not catch-all account)So there are three possibilities:
1. allmails are in your Exchange Server in that wrong mailbox 
 - then you may just move that mail insideyour Exchange Server from that wrong mailbox to the mailbox of the desired user(e.g. by including that wrong mailbox in the outlook of the user and drag-dropmails) 
 - or you make POP3 available for that wrong mailbox and pull the mails from there using SmartPOP2Exchange
2. your ExchangeServer is configured to accept all mails and throw mails away with invalidrecipient addresses.  
 - then your mails are lost if you did notuse the backup function (to save all mails as eml files on hard disk)
3. your ExchangeServer is configured to allow SmartPOP2Exchange relaying.  
 - then you may not know where your mails aregone because the Exchange Server may have relayed (fowarded) all of them to somewhere.

Is there a way to configure the SmartPOP2Exchange to leave a copy on the popserver it 's pulling the emails from?